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Review of: TheTruthSpy.com

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What We Like

  • Compatible with all kinds of OS
  • Complete set of advanced features
  • Quick and easy download
  • GPS detection

What We Don't Like

  • More expensive than the competitors
  • Complicated to use
  • Weak customer support

The rate of smartphone penetration in our society is increasing over time. With 2.1 billion users in 2016, the number is going to reach 2.5 billion by 2019, as per Statista.com. Such handheld devices provide increased exposure to the masses and in some cases, become the cause of undesirable or even illegal activities.

Whether it is a worrying parent or an insecure spouse, one can resort to a spying app to keep an eye on their loved one. We will give you a detailed account of one of the most renowned spying apps – The Truth Spy which may prove to be the answer to all your worries.

TheTruthSpy.com Review


Launched in 2017, The Truth Spy application helps in monitoring the smartphone activities of the person or child you want to keep an eye on. It comes with the option of tracking all kinds of devices be it smartphones, tablets, or personal computers. Containing a number of interesting features, this app will let you exercise great control over the target device.

Who is this app for?

Some people condemn the use of such software, and generally such use is illegal because of invasion of privacy issues, but it has been proved that these innovations play a significant role in avoiding bad consequences. Parents can prevent their children from heading towards bad habits, a cheating spouse can be caught in time, and an employer can safeguard the future of their firm.

The Truth Spy app has been popularly marketed to catch a disloyal spouse, however, there are endless purposes which it can serve. Such apps can be used to ensure the security of younger or older members of the household. It is also suitable for such people who cannot operate their phone all by themselves and need help from others.

What’s included?

The installation process is pretty simple and takes only 5 minutes. You won’t face any hurdles as you download the app on any kind of device, but do remember to follow the instructions precisely. Suitable for both business and personal use, it is a high-end app coming with all the latest and most advanced features, but the subscription price is a bit high.

There are three different versions available so the price differs for all of them. You can get the basic package for $21.99 per month; the premium version costs $25.99 per month; and the gold edition one can be obtained for an estimated price of $30.99 per month. The price is higher but the features are unmatchable and will provide complete control of the target phone.

Overview of features

The app comes with a bundle of features and some of them are unique to it. As you need to monitor the target device for an extended period of time, it is necessary to get hold of as many details as possible. This is only possible through a comprehensive spy app like The Truth Spy, which can perform so many functions that will leave you in awe of it.

Like most of the spying apps, The Truth Spy can let you read all the text messages and look at the conversations from other messaging apps. View the call log and see who the target person is in contact with. Both the messaging and call history are easily accessible for you to get all the necessary communication details of the person.

Not every app will let you see the browser history but The Truth Spy will give you all the needed details. From bookmarked pages to frequently visited websites, you will be able to learn all. Peer into what the other person is up to on the web and you will be able to determine if there is any kind of suspicious activity.

Throughout the day, you can track the real-time location of the person. Irrespective of the number of times the location changes, you will be able to learn within a few seconds where the person actually is. This is an extremely useful feature because it also ensures the safety of the people who are important to you. In unfavorable circumstances like kidnapping, you will be able to detect where the person is in no time.

You can even remotely activate the camera and the microphone of the target device. Listen to the ambient sounds and see the surroundings of the person right there on your monitoring device. The exclusive remote control and keylogger options make this application different.

An average person spends a lot of time on social media, so if you really are interested in knowing what the target person is truly up to, monitor their social media activity. The Truth Spy app will not leave any gaps in providing you a detailed account of all sorts of activities carried out by the person across all social media platforms.


Though the Truth Spy app consists of all the important features, there are a few other apps available in the market that can match its stature. Apps like mSpy and Flexispy provide all the top-notch features and come at a reasonable price. Also, you can choose an app with limited features, for example, Cocospy or Highster Mobile, which still lets you enjoy significant control over the target phone while not costing an arm and a leg.


The Truth Spy app won’t disappoint you because of its long list of useful features. You will get complete coverage of the target device and there is no way that you will miss out on any of the important activity. However, the price and the lack of user friendliness are the two setbacks. Despite all this, there is no denying that the features of this software cannot be matched by any of its competitors.

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