How to Hack Messenger Account

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Facebook's Messenger app is one of the most popular communication methods in the world. Messenger has more than a billion users as of 2018, and allows them to exchange messages, images, files, videos, and more.

Although it is owned by Facebook and part of the Facebook web experience, the Messenger app is independent of Facebook, and many people have and use the Messenger app without using or interacting with Facebook.

A person's Messenger data can show who they are talking with, what they are saying, and how often. Hacking this information can reveal fascinating information about them. Here's how to hack Messenger account.

Hack Their Facebook Account

If you can log in to their Facebook account via the Facebook website, you can access their messages and their message history from the Facebook website. There are a number of ways to get access to someone’s Facebook account:

Look up Their Password

If they have stored their passwords, access their device and look in their device and browser settings to find their stored passwords.

Reset Their Password

If you have access to their phone or their email, you can use the “lost password” feature on Facebook to trigger a password reset and intercept the verification process. Of course, if you do it this way, your target will know that their account has been hacked when they go to log in again.

Use a Website

There are a few websites that will use a person’s username or email address and attempt to use software to simply find out their password and give it to you. This method doesn’t always work, but if you are able to get someone’s Facebook password, then you can browse their Facebook and Messenger communications without them knowing. It’s worth trying these websites.

Once you have access to their Facebook account, you can read their messages. Remember that if you intercept their communications, those messages will show as “read.”

Steal Their Login Cookie

If you have access to the admin panel of the Wi-Fi network that the person uses to access Messenger, you can copy their cookies and trick your browser into letting you use your target’s login information, assuming they have it stored as a cookie, and don’t manually log in every time they use Messenger.

If you don’t have access to the Wi-Fi administrative settings, but are on the same Wi-Fi network as your target, software like Firesheep or Wireshark will show Wi-Fi traffic information that you can later use to hack into your target’s Facebook or Messenger accounts. Stealing cookies is also called “session hacking.” and here’s how to do it:

  1. 1
    Using a tool that will let you observe cookie traffic, look for cookies containing “facebook” as your target logs in to the site.
  2. 2
    Copy the relevant cookie entirely.
  3. 3
    Using a browser extension that will let you edit cookies, change your own login cookies to the ones you captured from your target.
  4. 4
    Close the cookie editor and reload the web page. You should now be logged in to Facebook using the same session and user credentials as your target.

This process can be a little bit difficult and technical, and may take a few tries to get it right. It helps if you are often on the same Wi-Fi network as your target, so you have more than one chance if you need it.

Use a Spy Application

If you have access to someone’s phone, you can install an application that will spy and report on all the activity they do with their phone, not just Messenger. There are dozens of different spying apps, many of them easily available in your app store. Spy apps like mSpy and Cocospy will not only capture and report conversations in Messenger, but can also capture and report a wide range of activities happening on their phone.

These apps work in a variety of ways, but, generally speaking, you need to:

  1. 1
    Visit the website of the company that makes the app and create an account
  2. 2
    Install the spy app on the phone you want to spy on
  3. 3
    Link the phone app to the website account

After that, activities that happen on the phone will be visible to you when you log in to the website.

Of course, in order to use a spy app, you will generally need:

  • Access to the target phone
  • Any pin/password necessary to install apps on the target phone

If you don’t want the person to know that you are accessing their messages, you need a spy app with “stealth mode,” so that they don’t notice that the app is installed on their phone.

Use a Keylogger

If your target manually logs in to websites instead of apps (instead of using cookies to remember their login information), you can install an app on their computer that will log their keystrokes.

The app will then report to you what characters they have typed as they logged in to Facebook or Messenger, so you can get their password. Apps like mSpy and Cocospy pride themselves on being undetectable, so your target will never know that you have installed an app on their device.

As you can see, it’s generally easier to ​hack someone’s Facebook account password than it is to hack into the Messenger app outside of Facebook. But the log in information is the same, and will give you the same result.

If you can get their Facebook password, you can read messages exchanged in Messenger without them knowing, which is more discrete than methods that involve actually changing their password.

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