How to Hack Facebook Password

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Right now, Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users. Far from being just a social network, Facebook has grown to be part of many people's daily lives. People use it for connecting with friends and family, communicating with others, trading in the marketplace, learning about local events, and even work and business communications now frequently take place on Facebook. If you want to hack Facebook password and gain access to someone's account, the method you use will depend on how much access you have to that person's information or devices.

Of course, the more access you have, the easier it is to hack a Facebook password. If you know the person well, and can have a few minutes with their phone, or know a lot about them, you probably already have everything you need to hack their Facebook password.

If You Have Access to the Target’s Computer

Check for Stored Password(s)

If you have access to their computer, navigate to Facebook and see if it logs in automatically. If it does, it means their password is stored in their browser, and all you have to do is find the directory where it is stored. These directories are in different places in different operating systems and different browsers, so it’s best to have done your research ahead of time.

If the person is using Firefox, their stored passwords are kept in Preferences – Privacy and Security – Forms & Passwords – Saved Logins. To see saved passwords, click “show.”

If the person is using Chrome, their passwords are kept in Settings – Advanced Settings – Passwords and Forms – Manage Passwords. You can see the passwords by clicking “show,” but then will need to enter the user’s Windows password to see them.

Use a Keylogger

There are hardware and software keyloggers, and either one might be right for you. The basic premise of these keylogging tools is that they record inputs on the target computer in real time, so they can be reviewed by another person. You will need to install a keylogger to run in the background on the target computer, and it can be set up to email you a record of all the target’s keystrokes.

A keylogger will not work if the person has their Facebook password set to “remember me,” because in that instance they will not be typing their password; it works only if they are typing their password into Facebook with every session.

If You Have Access to Their Phone

Use a Monitoring App

Apps like mSpy require you to have access to the target’s phone and installing the app. The app will send the target phone’s Facebook password to the mSpy website, where you can retrieve it by logging in. This app will also track and report on lots of other data, not just Facebook passwords, if you set it up to do so, and you can monitor all the activity on their phone.

If You Have Their Personal Information

Reset their Facebook password

If you have the email address that is linked to your target’s Facebook account, you can use that information to ask Facebook to reset the password. Simply enter the email address at the Facebook website and click “forgot password?”

Facebook will list email addresses associated with the account and ask you to choose one to send the password reset information to. Unless you also have access to your target’s email accounts, you don’t want to do that.

Instead, select “no longer have access to these?” Facebook will then ask you to enter a new email address to send the password reset information to. Enter a different email address that you have access to.

Facebook will then ask a question that is personal to your target. If you know this person, it is possible that you know the answer to the question. If you do, you can answer it and change the password of your target’s Facebook account.

If you do not know the answer to the question, you can choose the “trusted friends” method. Facebook will ask you to choose 3-5 of your target’s friends to help reset the password. If you have planned ahead, these may be alternate accounts you have already created, which will help you retrieve the code to change the Facebook password.

Remember that if you are successful at resetting their password, your target will know that their account has been hacked. Other methods of hacking Facebook accounts are more discrete, and the person doesn’t need to know that their Facebook password has been hacked.

If You Don’t Have Any of That Information

Use a Facebook Hacking Website

Websites like facehack.pro will attempt to use a “brute force” algorithm to hack a Facebook password with just the user ID or email address. Facehack.pro claims a 98% success rate of being able to hack a Facebook account and let you see all the information and interaction in your target’s Facebook profile. You can even delete Facebook data from the target’s pages.

The advantage of these websites is that, when they work, the target does not know that they have been hacked, and there is no suspicious activity on their devices that they might detect. When it works properly, you can simply obtain their Facebook password without them knowing about it.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to hack a Facebook password, and many of them are easy, free, and difficult to trace. If you really want to access someone’s Facebook password, you can probably do it. And remember that many people use their Facebook password to log into a number of other social sites as well.

Instagram and Messenger are often integrated with Facebook and use the same login credentials, so if you are able to figure out your target’s Facebook password, you can have access to a lot of their online activity and communications as well.

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