Highster Mobile Cell Phone Spy & Tracking Software Review

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Highster Mobile: QUICK OVERVIEW


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What We Like

  • No rooting required. Easy to install and use.
  • The installation instructions are clear and easy to follow
  • Pay a one-time fee, no monthly fee or other ongoing costs

What We Don't Like

  • No free trial or demo versions
  • There’s no live chat technical support (phone and email only)

Are you worried that your spouse is cheating? Have you wondered what is on their cell phone, but don’t know how to find out without being caught in the act? You don’t actually have to physically go into their phone to find the information you want.

All you need to do is install a spy and tracking software, such as Highster Mobile Cell Phone Spy and Tracking Software. This can be downloaded and set up in less than a minute, and then you can find out if your spouse is trying to hide anything from you. If you are interested in learning more about this software, keep reading our in-depth review.

Highster Mobile Cell Phone Spy and Tracking Software

Highster Mobile Cell Phone Spy & Tracking Software

You can monitor any compatible device with this tracking software from Highster. Simply text or email the over-the-air link to the device you want to track, and the automated system will take care of the data transfer and the information you need to be able to track the device.

When you want to see what is going on, simply click on a few buttons to activate the license key (sent upon payment), log in to your account, and start reading texts, listening to calls, locating your spouse with the GPS feature, and a lot more.

This software works with all iPhones and iPads, and it can locate and extract information that other tracking software cannot. You will be able to see iMessages, text messages, Facebook messages, IM’s, photos, videos, GPS location, and more.

It also works with all Android devices (Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc), and the OS versions, and will monitor all the same things it does with iPhones. You will even be able to check out deleted text messages.

Who is This Tracking Software For?

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, and you want to do your own undercover work to find out the truth, you need this spy and tracking software from Highster. Sure, you may feel guilty about spying on your spouse, but if you have reason to believe that they are cheating, chances are that your suspicions aren’t too far off.

With this software, you can find out if your suspicions are correct. If they are not, simply uninstall the software, and they will be none the wiser about what you have done, and you will know that your spouse is indeed being faithful.

There are other reasons why one might want to use this software. For instance, parents can use it to monitor their kids’ online activities to help keep them safe. Employers may use it to make sure that their employees are actually working and not playing around online, or even worse, sharing confidential company information with the competition.

Basically, anyone who needs to see what is on someone else’s phone can do it if they have this Highster Mobile Cell Phone Spy and Tracking Software.

What’s Included?

This software is loaded with features that will make it easy to track everything that is being said, sent, posted, etc. on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. For instance, there is a feature that allows you to read deleted text messages.

This can come in pretty handy if you suspect that your spouse is cheating and deleting messages so you won’t see them. Other features that come with this software include GPS location, a live control panel, iMessage monitoring, photo and video logs, call logs, browser history, and much more.

Overview of Features

There are so many features that you will be able to use when you download and install this software. As we already mentioned, you will be able to use it to check out all text messages, even the deleted ones.

If your spouse has been sending romantic texts to another, you will be able to find out exactly what is going on, and then you can start making your own action plan for confrontation, breaking up, etc. Other features you will like about this software include:

GPS Location

This feature will let you find out where a phone is, based on GPS positions. These are uploaded regularly on Google Map. If you think that your spouse is somewhere that they shouldn’t be, this feature will let you know for sure.

Live Control Panel

This is one of the features that makes this software so popular. It lets you access all details about the phone you are monitoring. You can use advanced settings for time triggers, display options, logs, etc.

Photo and Video Log

Even if they think photos have been deleted, they are still in the phone, and they are viewable by you when you use this software. You will be able to see all photos that have been taken, sent, received, and downloaded.

How to Use This Software

Using this software is easy. Everything can be done in just a few clicks, and you will be able to monitor a variety of devices. Simply click on the website, purchase the product, and hit “download.” In less than a minute, the software will be installed and ready for you to use. You will receive the product key once you have paid for your software.

Alternative Product

If you want to try tracking software, but you aren’t ready to spend any money until you know if it is going to work for your needs, you can try out some free software, such as Free Mobile Tracker from Hoverwatch. This software has most of the same features as the Highster software, but you don’t have to pay for a lot of them.


You don’t have to sit around waiting for your spouse to come home, wondering if they are cheating on you. Install Highster Mobile Cell Phone Spy and Tracking Software, and you can get into their phone and see what is really going on. Remember to log everything and keep track of what you find, so you can use it as evidence if necessary.

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