How to Hack Tinder Plus

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It's been just a little over 5 years since it launched, but Tinder has become a near-universal app. In fact, 35% of Americans between the ages of 18-24 are on the app, making it nearly impossible to conduct a modern dating life without it.

While Tinder is incredibly effective at getting people together, it has also introduced new challenges and questions in fledgling relationships that can be difficult to manage. It's easy to interpret Tinder behavior as indicative of how a new relationship is going.

If you are seeing someone, and notice that they are still active on Tinder, it may mean that they aren't that into you. If someone tells you they deleted their profile, it's a sign that things have gotten serious. In short, how a person uses Tinder says a lot about your relationship with them. And if they aren't telling the truth, it can have a devastating effect.

Fortunately, there are now a few ways that you can hack Tinder Plus and know how someone is behaving on the app, often without them knowing that you know. These tools can bring you valuable information and peace of mind. Here are some of the best ways on how to hack Tinder Plus.


Swipebuster has been out for a couple of years, and received a lot of press when it was launched, being written up in major publications and media outlets all over the world.

Swipebuster uses information that Tinder makes publicly available, to tell you if and how someone is using the app. Simply give Swipebuster the name of the person you want information about, and the probable location where they last used Tinder, and pay a few dollars for the report.

Swipebuster will narrow down results by name, age, gender, and location, and let you know if and when your target was most recently swiping on the app.

While Swipebuster doesn’t directly spy on Tinder behavior, it’s a quick way to find out if someone is still actively on the app, without them knowing that you checked.

Use a Spy App

There are dozens of different spying apps that will let you know whether someone has been on Tinder, and even let you see images and messages exchanged on the platform. Spy apps like mSpy and FlexiSpy will not only capture and report what your target is doing on Tinder, but can capture and report a wide range of activities happening on their phone.

These apps work in a variety of ways, but, generally speaking, you need to:

  1. Visit the website of the company and create an account
  2. Install the app on the phone you want to spy on
  3. Link the phone app to the website account

After that, activities that happen on the phone will be visible to you when you log in to the website.

Of course, in order to use a spy app, you will generally need:

  • Access to the target phone
  • Any pin/password necessary to install apps on the target phone
  • You often need to disable antivirus protection on the target phone

If you don’t want the person to know that you are spying on their Tinder Plus activity, you will want to choose a spy app with “stealth mode,” so that they don’t notice that the app is installed and running on their phone. Make sure that your spy app doesn’t use unusual amounts of data or battery in order to reduce the chances of it being detected.

Use a Couple’s App

There are couples who voluntarily install apps on each of their phones, so that they can share information freely with each other. Some couples find that these apps are a good way to establish trust, and often a fast and easy way to share information without taking the time to text. Couple’s apps like Couple Tracker often share information between two phones, including:

  • Location tracking
  • Text messages
  • Call history
  • Social likes and comment history

Because this information is shared in real time, there’s no chance to delete, hide, or change information. In fact, even if a message or data is deleted from one of the phones, it remains in the records stored by the app.

Installing a couple’s tracking app is a way to establish communication and trust between both partners, since each is voluntarily sharing information with the other. It’s an open and transparent way to share your data with the one you love and prove that you have nothing to hide.

All too often, people assume that the desire to hack Tinder Plus often comes from a place of mistrust and disfunction in the relationship. But that isn’t always true. In a new relationship, it can be difficult to be vulnerable, and you want to know if your new love interest is taking the relationship as seriously as you are.

In that instance, simply knowing whether they are still using the app is valuable information about where they see the relationship going. After all, nobody expects someone to delete Tinder right away; if you have a good profile, you don’t want to start over again if the new relationship ends prematurely.

For those people, a service like Swipebuster is an inexpensive way to quickly gain insight into what your new partner is doing, and therefore what they might be thinking.

A couple’s app is a very modern solution to age-old relationship problems, and it’s not always simply suspicion of infidelity. For example, many couples spend a lot of time communicating about basic information like where they are now, and when they will arrive somewhere else.

If that’s all that’s needed, simply locating their phone with GPS can communicate that information quickly and easily without taking up any additional time. It can also help alleviate worrying when someone is late or off schedule.

In other words, it isn’t always necessary to assume that a desire to hack Tinder Plus comes from a place of insecurity or mistrust. Sometimes it’s just another way to get the information you need about a person who is important to you.

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