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Highstermobile: QUICK OVERVIEW





Ce que nous aimons

  • Cheapest spy app
  • Loaded with all the essential features
  • Most of the features don’t require rooting the phone
  • Easy installation

Ce que nous n'aimons pas

  • Only compatible with Android devices
  • Lacks the advanced features

Le monde progresse à un rythme très rapide et toutes les tâches importantes sont effectuées à l'aide des smartphones. Il est devenu notre gestionnaire de tâches ultime en usurpant le rôle d'un certain nombre d'autres appareils. Bien qu’il y ait de nombreux avantages à avoir un smartphone, il peut également être utilisé à des fins négatives.

This is the reason why parents want to keep a check on their children and spouses become insecure about their better halves. Sometimes, even employers fear for the future of their company at the hands of a few disloyal employees. There is one solution for all these problems and that is spy mobile apps. We will discuss in detail one of the most popular apps called Highster Mobile.

Highstermobile.com Examen


The app was developed in 2010 by ILF Mobile Apps Corp which is a US-based company. Termed as the ‘Best Spy App for Android,’ Highster Mobile can easily be downloaded on the phone. It might not be able to support the same number of features as any other high-end app, however, the performance is top-notch given the meager price.

A qui s'adresse cette application ?

This product is for all those who are looking for cost-effective and simple spying solutions. It is feasible for an employer to check if his employees are performing to the best of their abilities or not. Also, a worrying parent or a heartbroken spouse can see if their loved ones are up to any suspicious activity.

Because of the availability of all the essential features at a low price, this product becomes the foremost choice and is conveniently affordable by all. The sad part is that only Android users can take advantage of this app.

Ce qui est inclu?

The app has been labeled as the top option for Android devices because there is no complex configuration involved. You can start using the app as soon as it is installed. You will be allowed to access your account immediately and start spying on the target individual.

Without a doubt, it can be termed as the most affordable spying app because there is a one-time fee of $69.99. The app is free from any recurring charges and will give relief to your pocket. All features are available for you to use except for social media monitoring which can only be activated if the smartphone has been rooted.

Aperçu des fonctionnalités

While Highster Mobile may not be the market leader when it comes to features, it can still perform enough functions to give you a detailed account of the smartphone activity of the target person. The basic features provided by this app can help in performing comprehensive phone tracking at a very nominal price.

From viewing the call logs to checking all the contacts, you will know all the important details regarding the call history. This gives a clear idea of the frequently contacted people and helps you in catching any kind of suspicious activity on time.

Another essential feature is the ability to read text messages. Apart from this, you will also be able to access other messaging apps and get ahold of conversations. The surprising feature is that even deleted messages can be read through the Highster Mobile spy app, so there’s no chance that the target person would be able to hide something from you.

The app will let you enter the gallery of the person where you can view all the photos and the videos on the control panel of your device. This gives you the chance to view those pictures which are otherwise password protected.

Teenagers and adults spend most of the time on social media and this app will allow you to monitor their activities on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. See who they are talking to or what kind of posts they are liking so that you know if they are into some kind of suspicious activity or not.

The GPS tracking is the most useful feature and can be helpful for the safety of your family members too. The app can be installed in the cell phone of an elderly person or a child so that you may never lose the track of their presence. This plays a huge role in avoiding kidnapping and safeguarding a loved one from any potential incident.

If you thought that this app misses out on the phone browser, you are wrong. It will give you all the details regarding the online activity of the person and present you with the data of the previously visited web pages. This feature is particularly useful for the parents who are keeping an eye on their children as they can prevent them from viewing violent or adult content.


If you have an iOS device, this app will be of no use so you will need to find other options. Despite being a very comprehensive and affordable app, this setback is a huge let down because it makes the app lose a sizeable market share.

Every other spy app including mSpy, Cocospy, Flexispy etc. supports iOS devices and thus, become a favored choice as compared to Highster Mobile. Moreover, you will also miss out on the advanced features as this app doesn’t support any of them.


If we talk about Android devices, this app is easily at the top of the list because you get access to the important features at a very reasonable cost. However, the lack of compatibility with all other OS makes it market value lower than the other apps. On the whole, the app is great for all the Android users

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