How to Hack Cellphones to Get Free Service

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Many phone companies charge outrageous amounts for basic service, let alone extras like more data and a faster connection. When the phone bill starts creeping up and becomes one of the more expensive ones that you have to pay each month, that’s when you seek a new way to have the same service. In this article, we’ll explore different ways that you can hack into your cellphone and get free service.

Now, as a disclaimer before we get started, keep in mind these instructions will NOT work on iPhones. They will only work on Windows Phones or phones running the Android platform. This hack also works best on phones that have a SIM card and have a flat, square removable battery that’s easily accessed from the back of the phone. The hack gives you cell service to call people, but it’s not designed to increase your data or provide internet service, either. This is only for making regular calls.  So let’s see how to hack cellphones to get free service.

Materials You’ll Need

The materials to get free service are inexpensive and easy to find. The coin batteries are usually sold in 15 packs for less than $10 and can be found in a hardware or electronics store.

You will need:

  • An empty paper stick gum wrapper
  • Thin aluminum foil
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape
  • A small round 1.5V alkaline coin battery
  • Tweezers

Use the scissors to cut the aluminum foil into three small squares. The largest square should be smaller than the gum wrapper, measuring about 2.5” wide and 3” tall. The medium-sized square should be about 2.5” on each side, and the smallest square about 1.5” on each side. These don’t have to be exactly this size, but they should be approximate. You’re going to be folding them in future steps.

Getting Started – Taking the Cellphone Apart

Let’s prepare the phone first. Turn it completely off before taking it apart, making sure it’s shut down.

First, take the case or outer cover off. Turn the phone over to the back and remove the phone’s actual back. It should snap free and come right off.

With the cover off, you’ll see the rectangular flat phone battery inserted into its slot. Carefully remove the phone battery and set aside for now. The phone battery itself has three small gold connecting prongs on the top of it.

Inserting the Foil

Take the largest of the three pieces of aluminum foil. Square it off, if you haven’t already cut it into a perfect square, by either cutting or folding it. Then carefully fold it into thirds and flatten it as you go. It should be thinner than it is tall. Then fold it in half to make a very small rectangle.

Using your fingers or a pair of tweezers, place this rectangle of foil in the center bottom of the empty battery slot with a small piece of the end sticking out. It has to be in the opposite part of the battery slot to where the prongs connect, closest to the phone’s actual transmitter. In most phones, this will be at the bottom of the battery slot. But, it could be at the top.

Carefully place the battery back into the slot and directly on top of the foil. Fold the foil tab up over the battery and flatten it.

Then, take the smallest square of foil and place it on the bottom of the inserted battery and underneath the foil tab, touching it. Use one or two small pieces of Scotch tape to secure both pieces of foil to the battery. Put the phone’s cover back on and snap in place.

Affixing the Coin Battery

Turn the phone over and face down on the table in front of you. Take the chewing gum wrapper and fold it in half, with the sugar side outwards that was closest to the gum. Then fold the medium-sized piece of aluminum foil into an even smaller square that will fit in the center of the phone’s back. Place it on the back.

Then, take the coin battery and find the positive side. It’s a battery, so it has both positive and negative sides. You want to make sure the positive side is facing downwards flush against the phone case.

Carefully, using your fingers or tweezers, slide the coin battery underneath the square of foil. The foil should completely cover the battery. Press the foil corners down over the battery. Gently rest the squared gum wrapper on top. Use more pieces of Scotch tape to firmly secure the battery, foil, and chewing gum wrapper to the back of your phone.

Using the Phone

Turn your phone back on and attempt to make a call. If you have service, then it’s worked. If not, repeat the above steps with new tin foil squares and a fresh coin battery until you get the free service. Keep in mind your original phone number won’t show up on the caller ID of the person any longer. It will be a new phone number.

The Science Behind It

So, what is the science behind this strange and simple free service phone hack? It’s surprisingly complicated.

The chewing gum wrapper is backed with very thin foil on one side. It also has the sugar-covered paper on the other side, with sugar molecules left over from the piece of gum that used to be there. The whole wrapper acts like a conductor, but it does cause a level 1 H4Co chemical reaction. This acts like a miniature EMP (electromagnetic pulse), which effectively kills the phone’s data retrieval packs. The phone ‘thinks’ that it still has service.

The aluminum foil, battery, and gum wrapper work together to help the data network protocol’s transceiver to open, which means that you gain access to a free network as a bonus extra. Both the data retrieval packs and the transceiver use the same capacitor. In essence, your cell service provider isn’t able to detect that you are connected to their tower, when, in fact you are.

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