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Seguimiento de aplicaciones instaladas

What can I do with the apps installed on the monitored device?

Ver aplicaciones instaladas

mSpy lists the names and installation dates of all of the apps on the target device.

View and Download Photos from Apps

If there are media files, like photos, saved using apps then you will be able to download them.

Sistema operativo compatible:  Androide & iOS

How can I track Apps on the target phone?

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    Create an account on mSpy.com. Smart phone users can also register within the mSpy app (available on both App store and Play Store). The account ID can be logged on both the site and apps.
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    Ingrese la información del teléfono o dispositivo de destino después de iniciar sesión en la cuenta y complete el proceso de configuración del asistente mSpy. El procedimiento es bastante simple. Si el dispositivo de destino es un iPhone u otro dispositivo iOS, puede obtener más detalles sobre el como monitorear un iphone tutorial page. If the target device is an android phone or tablet, please follow the steps on the how to monitor android pagina de tutoriales
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    On the left side menu you can choose the target device, and then click the Installed Application tab. The detailed content including the app icons and names is displayed on the right side of the Control Panel.
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    Click the refreshing icon on the top left of the dashboard to sync the latest apps installed on the monitored phone.

Tips: it is not necessary to install any apps on your own phone. Whenever you would like to track installed apps, just sign into the mSpy account at mSpy.com on any of your devices including phones, tablets or computers as long as they are connected to the internet. However, if you prefer to use our service with app rather than browser, you may download the mSpy app from Google Play or App Store.

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