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Cosa ci piace

  • Comprehensive set of features
  • No jailbreak or rooting required
  • Affordable packages
  • Complete control over social media
  • Keyword alerts

Cosa non ci piace

  • Difficulty in installation
  • Not compatible with all devices

From the call logs to GPS location, a spy app is able to give you a detailed account of smartphone activities and online whereabouts of the target subject. Spy apps have become a phenomenon which are slowly and gradually taking on the masses around the world. Such apps prove to be useful for both personal and business use.

La crescente concorrenza nel mondo aziendale ha costretto i datori di lavoro a monitorare i propri dipendenti e garantire la loro produttività e lealtà nei confronti dell’azienda. D’altra parte, i genitori sono preoccupati per il futuro dei propri figli e desiderano la massima sicurezza in questi tempi pericolosi. L'app mSpy è la soluzione definitiva a tali problemi e consente alle persone di tenere d'occhio le persone prese di mira.

mSpy.com Recensione

mSpy works to provide people with spy software which will satisfy their personal and professional needs. The app has received a lot of appreciation and positive reviews from satisfied users and works well with both iOS and Android devices. Working in the background in an invisible mode, the target person will never realize that they’re being spied on so closely.

Per chi è questa app?

Boasting more than 1 million users, this app is the first choice of those who need to watch someone else. It is used by people all over the world and has helped them in tracking the whereabouts of their target person irrespective of their location.

The app can be used to catch a cheating spouse or to identify any suspicious activities of an employee. Furthermore, it is of great use for parents who want to keep an eye on the online activities of their children and are inclined to protect them at the cost of invading their privacy.

Cosa è incluso?

Despite being feature rich, this app can give you a very tough time during the installation process. After downloading the app on your phone, you can only activate it after getting the required key. Also, it is not compatible with all devices, so make sure to check that before making a purchase.

There are two versions – basic and premium. You will get the standard features with the basic model which comes at $39.99 per month. On the other hand, the premium version is quite pricey at a hefty amount of $92.99 per month. There is also a special bundle offer for desktop and mobile for which you need to pay $112.99 per month.

Panoramica delle funzionalità

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call mSpy a leading brand in the spying apps. The app has a tremendous number of features and so many satisfied customers that it ultimately becomes the first choice of every other person. mSpy will let you perform all the tasks which you expect from a high-end app.

It consists of the basic functions of monitoring the call log and text messages in order to know who the person is frequently contacting. The app will also easily grant you access to the other messaging apps and reveal all the details of different conversations. There is no way that the target person would be able to keep any kind of information safe since you will also get to view deleted messages.

We all know the influence of social media on our lives. So, how is it possible to spy on someone without knowing what they are up to on social media? Be it Facebook or Snapchat, no information can escape your eyes since the app will present everything to you on the control panel. See which new people are being added to the profiles and the posts being liked by your target.

One feature which is unique to only advanced apps is the keylogger which helps you note down all the information which is entered through the keypad. This feature gives you access to passwords and everything else which is being typed on the phone. Thus, even if the messages or passwords are encrypted, there’s no chance that you’ll be able to miss them.

Parents are in for some great relief because this app will ensure that they have a complete control over the smartphone activities of their children. This app comes with a distinct parental control feature which lets the parents block inappropriate websites or the undesirable contacts to safeguard the online presence of their children. The keyword feature will notify you at once when words like “sex” or “drugs” are used on the target device.

While many people complain that the app is not compatible with their device, they forget to mention its unique feature. One can easily change the target device as many times as possible and there will be no hassle in it. This is mainly because one doesn’t need to jailbreak or root a phone before installing this app in it.

Once installed on the phone, it will start performing all the functions without requiring you to go through any kind of hassle. There might be a few initial impediments, but once the app starts functioning, you will see its wonders.


There is no denying the superiority of this spying app because of its complete set of features. However, some of the advanced functionalities can only be obtained by paying a high price to get the premium version. If you only require the basic features, get Highster Mobile as there is one-time fee involved in it. Moreover, compatibility is also an issue with this app so in such circumstances, opt for flessibile or Cocospy.


With a long list features and a very reasonable price, the mSpy app is suitable for all those who need to spy on someone’s smartphone. One might encounter a few hiccups during the download process and in lack of compatibility, but this doesn’t stop it from being the best in the market.

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