How to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. Users can send text messages, pictures, and emojis to each other, as well as making voice calls and sharing video. It has over 1 billion users, and was acquired by Facebook in 2014.

Many people like WhatsApp for its end-to-end encryption, so that messages exchanged are more private and less susceptible to hacking than other messaging platforms. However, that doesn't mean that WhatsApp can't be hacked. Here's how to hack WhatsApp on iPhone.

Si tiene acceso al teléfono del objetivo

Use a tracking app

There are a number of apps that can be installed on the target’s iPhone that will allow you to spy on their WhatsApp activity. The iTunes store includes paid apps like Call Log Pro, Contact Spy, Spy App and others.

Remember that these apps will not allow you actually hack a WhatsApp password. They will simply allow you to observe all the WhatsApp activity on the target phone. If you do not want the target to know that their WhatsApp activity is being observed, you will want to choose an app with a “stealth mode” feature.

Hack the web version of WhatsApp

There is a website version of WhatsApp that has the same messages and information as the app in your phone. If you can hack the web version of WhatsApp, you can read the target person’s messages without looking at their phone. But you will briefly need their phone to set it up.

  1. Ir a web.WhatsApp.com
  2. En el menú, elija "solicitar sitio de escritorio"
  3. La página web mostrará un código QR para sincronizar el sitio web con el dispositivo móvil.
  4. Utilice el teléfono de su objetivo para escanear el código QR y sincronizar el sitio web con la aplicación.

Su versión móvil de la aplicación permanecerá sincronizada con el sitio web hasta que cierre sesión en el sitio web.

This is a quick and simple method to spy on someone’s WhatsApp activity without them knowing, provide you have access to their phone for a moment to scan the QR code. It also gives you ongoing, long-term access to spy on WhatsApp on their iPhone.

Falsifica su dirección Mac

Este método es un poco complicado y requiere un breve acceso al teléfono del objetivo, pero es invisible para él una vez terminado.

  1. Firstly, a phone can have only one installation of WhatsApp, so you need to uninstall it on your own phone. Make sure to back up our own WhatsApp, so you can restore it when you are done. Or you can use software like Othman’s app for iPhone to have two parallel installations of WhatsApp on the same device.
  2. Obtenga la dirección Mac del teléfono de destino. Estará en Configuración – General – Acerca de – Direcciones WiFi. Escríbelo.
  3. Identifique la dirección Mac de su propio teléfono y anótela también.
  4. Install a spoofing app on your phone. Apps like Mac Daddy X will emulate for you.
  5. Utilice la aplicación de suplantación de identidad para cambiar la dirección Mac de su teléfono por la dirección Mac del teléfono objetivo.
  6. Download and install WhatsApp on your phone from scratch
  7. Durante la instalación, ingrese el número de teléfono de destino en la pantalla de configuración de WhatsApp
  8. WhatsApp will send a verification code to the target phone (not to your phone). You have to retrieve the code from the target phone. Remember to delete the new WhatsApp message from the target phone.
  9. Enter the verification code from the target’s phone into your own installation of WhatsApp. Now you are accessing their WhatsApp account from your own device. You can read and even send messages as them.
  10. Cuando haya terminado de navegar por WhatsApp, utilice la aplicación de suplantación de identidad para volver a su propia dirección de Mac y evitar problemas de conexión.

Si planea hacer esto repetidamente, es una buena idea cambiar permanentemente su dirección Mac a algo similar a la dirección de su objetivo. De esta manera, puede percibirse fácilmente como un simple error o una coincidencia.

As you can see, using this method you will need access to the target phone twice. Once to retrieve their Mac address, and a second time to intercept the WhatsApp verification code for your new install. However, these moments can be brief, and you can time them in the way that suits you best, since you don’t need prolonged access to their phone, and you aren’t installing any apps on it.

If You Have Access to the Target’s iPhone Credentials

Monitor WhatsApp activity from an iOS backup

Apps like D-Port will allow you to view and monitor WhatsApp activity without installing anything on the target device, through backups made on iCloud. You may also log directly into the target’s iCloud account online, and retrieve stored WhatsApp data.

A recovery app like dr.fone can also retrieve data that has been deleted and restore it for your review. In most of these cases, you will need the target person’s iCloud credentials in order to access the backup and review their WhatsApp data.

Si no tiene acceso a sus credenciales

Use an online decryption site

Although WhatsApp is encrypted, the encryption has a “backdoor” that allows law enforcement (for example) to intercept messages when necessary. Some websites exploit this back door access to allow you to spy on someone’s WhatsApp messages. Websites like WhatsApp Tracker Online can help you observe someone’s WhatsApp messages without them knowing about it.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to hack WhatsApp, and we haven’t even covered all of them. There are even websites that will attempt to hack a WhatsApp password for you. The biggest issue with hacking WhatsApp on iPhone is that you can’t have the software installed twice on your own phone, and it’s difficult to switch between accounts.

That’s why the web version of WhatsApp is really the best of these options, provided you have a moment with the target’s phone. It’s invisible, long lasting, and not intrusive into your or your target’s life.

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