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Review of: SPYERA.COM

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What We Like

  • Compatible with most devices
  • Keylogger feature
  • GPS tracker

What We Don't Like

  • iOS requires jailbreak
  • Android requires rooting
  • No free trial

If you are in the market for the best spy app that will give you full access to your child’s mobile device then Spyera could be a great option for you.

In the past, using a spy app on your child’s mobile device would have been frowned upon by many and seen as a huge invasion of privacy. However, as technology has evolved the dangers facing children have increased immensely, so much so that many of those who once frowned on the use of spy apps now support them.

When it comes down to choosing between your child’s safety and your child’s privacy, safety will win hands down every time.

Spyera.com Review


Spyera, which is based in Hong Kong, has been in the market for over ten years. Their teams of researchers, developers and testers have been hard at work since 1999 to continuously keep their software up to date with all the latest technology and features. Spyera is designed to be undetectable and to work reliably in the most hostile environments.

Who is this product for?

Spyera is designed and developed to monitor your kids or employees. For parents, it offers peace of mind knowing that you have control over what your child is exposed to and the tracking feature helps you know where your child is at all times. For employers it allows the monitoring of employees so you can make sure they are utilizing company property and time appropriately.

What’s included?

Spyera is a subscription service which gives you access to spy software that you can use to track and monitor someone else’s phone. As Spyera is a software-based solution you do not need or receive hardware or anything else other than the downloadable software. It should also be noted that the software is not installed on your device but on the target device only.

Overview of features

Spyera is an undetectable spy app that is compatible with any Android device and any jailbroken iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian or Windows Mobile device. It works on all networks and all countries.

The app offers you some great features such as live call listening and recording. You can easily listen to or record any surrounding conversations. It allows you to monitor over 16 popular Android messaging apps, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, Hangouts, Tinder and others. You have full access to everything that the phone user has access to.

You have access to spy on SMSs, emails, media files and VoIP calls, and you are even able to access the target device’s camera which allows you to take pictures and record remotely. The GPS tracker will let you know where the user is at any given time and alert you when the user moves beyond certain zones that you have set. This is an especially great feature when you are monitoring your child.

The keylogger feature lets you see everything that is typed on the device, this will give you app usernames and passwords and any other info you need all automatically uploaded to your dashboard for you to access at any time.

The only downside of Spyera is that it requires a jailbreak for iOS devices and rooting for Android devices. Please don’t attempt the rooting or jailbreak on your own unless you have the technical expertise to do so.


Once you have subscribed to Spyera you are ready to install the software and start tracking. You will not install any software on your own device, only on the target device. As remote installation is not possible you will need physical access to the target device. The installation will take about two minutes, but you should allow yourself more time in case you experience any issues.

Once the software is installed you will receive an email from Spyera with all the information that you need to configure the software. Once installed the software will run undetected on the target device.


Spyera is a great choice of spy app but it has the disadvantage that you need to jailbreak or root the target device in order for the software to work. This is not an option if you don’t have a technical background that allows you to do this.

Mobistealth is loaded with great features, but it does lack slightly on the social media side of things and has a non-jailbreak option which might make it the perfect alternative.


Spyera is a great spy app that offers some attractive features. Spyera also gives a full satisfaction guarantee that their software is 100% undetectable and they also offer a money-back guarantee. All this leads me to believe that they are confident in their software and are willing to back up their app with great customer service.

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