7 ways to show and delete browsing history

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Most people in this world use the internet, but you need a browser to view anything on the internet. Whether you are using the internet on your mobile phone or your PC, you will need a browser to access the internet. Now while using the internet, what you see through the browser are the pages. Fortunately, these pages that you visit get stored as a link on your browser. That is what is referred to as the browser history. This history can show the pages you have visited, and the links stored can also be used to revisit them if you require.

Although using a browser is not that complicated, to see the browsing history and delete it might need some knowledge about the browser you are using since the techniques and methods to show browsing history and delete them are different for different browsers.

1. How to show and delete browsing history on desktop

a) Show and delete browsing history on Chrome

Open Google Chrome. There is a menu symbol that looks like “3 DOTS” in the extreme top right corner. Click it.

In the menu, you will find, History. Click and view the browsing history.

Just on the top of the list showing your history, you can see an option “Clear Browsing Data”. Click it, and it will open a dialog box.

It has a drop-down from which you can choose the time limit you want to delete the history.

Check the options or the history types you want to delete and click on the button that says “Clear browsing data”.

This will clear all the data.

b) Show and delete browsing history on Firefox

To show browsing history in Firefox, click Menu. Then go to History, click on Show All History. Delete History.

To delete the History, click on “Clear Recent History”.

This will open a new dialog box. In that box, you will select the time range for which you would like to delete the history. Once selected, you can choose the types of history you would like to delete and click the “Clear Now” button.

c) Show and delete browsing history on Safari

To view history on Safari, click on Menu, and you can find the tab that says “History”. Click and choose the option, “Show History”.

It will show all the links that you have visited recently and in the past.

To delete the Safari History, click on Edit and Go to “Reset Safari”.

This will open a new box with the options to reset Safari. Amongst the list, there will be an option “Clear history”. Select it and click on the button that says “Reset”.

Along with all the other data, this will also reset your browsing history.

d) Show and delete browsing history on Internet Explorer

To view History on IE, you will need to click on the icon that looks like a Star or go to “Favorite”. Click on History to view the History.

To delete the browsing data, go to the menu and click “Tools”. Then click on “Delete Browsing History”.

This will open a dialog box. Choose History and click on “Delete” this will delete all browsing data from the IE. Remember that options might be different for different IE versions, but the method is the same.

e) Show and delete browsing history on Microsoft Edge

Go to Hub and then Click on History.

To remove the History, click on the right-hand side option, “Clear All History”. And everything will be clear.

2. How to show and delete browsing history on mobile phones

1) Show and delete browsing history on Android

First of all, you need to choose the browser history that you need to delete. In case Chrome is your default browser, you will need to follow these steps:

Tap on Home, and then tap History to view all the browsing history.

To delete the browsing data, tap on “Clear”. A box will open to confirm your action. Select proper choice of data to delete tap on “Clear Browsing Data”.

In case your default browser is something else, you can go to the Bookmarks, and you should find the History tab.

Tap it to show browsing history. Below the list of the links you have visited, you can find a button that says “Clear”. Tap it to delete all the browsing history from your Android device. This option may vary from browser to browser.

2) Show and delete browsing history on iPhone

To View history on iPhone, open Safari. And tap on Bookmarks.

You can find the History tab within the Bookmarks option.

Tap it to view all the browsing history.

To delete all the data, you will need to tap the button at the bottom that says “Clear”.

A box will appear for the confirmation of your action. Now tap “Clear History” and wipe out all the browsing history you had on the iPhone.


Viewing and deleting the history might be a little trick that you need to own to stay ahead sometimes. If you are a parent and think that your children are somehow getting distracted in the wrong direction due to internet browsing, these methods to show browsing history might help you find out the proper reason for it.

Similarly, the methods of deleting the browsing data might be a little bit more critical for teenagers. In case you have viewed something that you don’t want your parents to find out, you might want to delete that particular history to make sure you are safe. But remember that doing such a thing as a kid is not right, as your parents are monitoring your browsing histories for your good. So, it will be better to leave them alone.

So, just for fun, check out if you can work out these methods on your PC or mobile and who knows, you might surprise your friends with these little tricks to show browsing history and delete them.

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