7 Ways to Show and Delete Browsing History on Desktop and Mobile Phones

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Most internet users prefer to have their browsing sessions a secret only known to them for many reasons. Some browsers keep it a secret because they use the internet to access confidential information. In contrast, others would prefer to keep their online activities such as social media profiles away from their spouses and friends. However, some individuals keep their browsing history a secret since they use the internet to visit socially unacceptable sites such as pornographic sites or other illegal activities. Regardless of the reason, the primary way of keeping browsing histories a secret is by deleting them. Different browsing applications such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and many others have different ways of accessing and deleting browsing histories. Below and some of the ways of accessing and deleting browsing histories on desktops and mobile phones.

Part 1: How to Delete Browsing Histories on Desktop

1.1 How to Show and Delete Browsing History on Chrome

There are two ways in which one can view their browsing history when browsing using Google Chrome. The first method is a shortcut where one can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+H or type the URL chrome: //history. The second method is by clicking the menu button on the top right corner of the browser window and under it click history and then history once more. These two steps should lead you directly to the history page.

Clearing browsing data in Google Chrome can be done in three ways. The first method is by typing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+shift+Del. The second method is by clicking the menu button and clicking more tools, and then clear data. The last method is by accessing the browsing history list, which one can delete individually.

1.2 How to Show and Delete Browsing History on Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has several alternatives on how to view your browsing history. The simplest is by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+H. If the homepage is customized, one can click on the history button on the homepage window. One can also view history by clicking the hamburger menu on the top right corner of the window, then click history on the menu. Lastly, one can access the history from the Firefox library. To open this library, one should press the alter button to show the menu bar and then choose history on the bar.

To clear history in Mozilla Firefox, one can click the hamburger menu and, under it, choose history. On this page, there is an option to clear recent history. The easier version is by pressing the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+DEL.

1.3 How to Show and Delete Browsing History on Safari Browser

Viewing history on the Safari browser is relatively easy since it has a history menu on top of the homepage. To view the recently visited pages, one should click the history button. To view more refined details of the history, one should click view all history under the history page.

To clear browsing history on Safari, you can click the clear history on the history page or under the show all history view, and you can right-click on the individual links and click the delete option.

1.4 How to Show and Delete Browsing History on Internet Explorer

Viewing browsing history on Internet Explorer is relatively easy, being one of the most used browsers. One can access the browsing history list by clicking the Favorites button represented by a star. Under the Favorites button, the user then clicks the history tab leading him/her right to the browsing history list.

Deleting the history is relatively easy. One can use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+DEL which brings one to the browsing history list. The user should then check on the boxes of history they want to delete then press delete. On Internet Explorer 7 and above, one can clear the history by clicking on the tools button on the window's right side. One should select internet options under the tools menu and further to the general tab in the browsing history section. The user should click the delete button to clear the history.

1.5 How to Show and Delete Browsing History on Microsoft Edge

When using the Microsoft Edge browser, one can view browsing history using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+H or click the Hub button on the window's right-hand corner. Under the Hub menu, one should then click the history icon to access the history list.

To clear the list, one should open the history page as described above and click the clear all history button. To clear selected history, one should click the show more button and then select boxes of history you want to clear before clicking the clear button to erase the selected history.

Part 2: How to Show and Clear Browsing History on Mobile Phones

2.1 How to Show and Delete Browsing History on Android Google Chrome

In android chrome, to view history is relatively easy. One should click the menu icon on the top right corner, which will show a drop-down menu. On the menu, one should tap history to access the browser history menu.

When one wants to clear browsing history on his android phone when using Google Chrome, one should access the browsing history as shown above. On the history page, there is a clear data button at the bottom of the screen where one should click and mark the history links they want to delete before tapping the clear button.

2.2 How to Show and Delete Browsing History on iPhone Safari Browser.

When using Safari browser on an iPhone, one can view browsing history by opening the browser and scrolling up till they can see an address bar at the top and a toolbar at the bottom. They should click the fourth icon with a book icon and click history under it on the toolbar. To clear the history, they should click the clear button on the history page's lower right-hand side.


Clearing history is essential for every browser, regardless of the browser they are using. The above review shows just a few ways to access and delete the most commonly used browsers' history. Different browsers have different routes on how to access and delete browsing history. However, the keyboard shortcuts on computers such as Ctrl+H and Ctrl+Shift+Del for opening and deleting browsing history, respectively, are universal for almost all browsers.

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