How to set a browser tracking on other’s mobile phone

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Browser tracking is a common phenomenon and is usually undertaken by parents to keep an eye on their children's online activities or by suspicious spouses and employers/government agencies for various purposes. Setting browser tracking on other people's phones enables you to track the web activities, online searches, and other websites visited on the target device.

This article will teach you about browser tracking, its uses, and how you can set it up on Android and iPhone.

1. What is browser tracking

In common parlance, browser tracking is also called web tracking. Because it refers to tracking and spying on a certain individual's web activities by accessing what he/she searches on the web, websites visited by him/her, and cookies stored from such web pages. Monitoring web browsing will give you an insight into the individual's behavior online as every website visited by him/her will save some cookies on the PC/phone.

You can use browser tracking on others' phones for various purposes. Still, people usually set up web browser tracking software on other people's phones to get to know about their online activities, how frequently a particular site is visited, and what time of the day.

To enable private browsing on your iOS device, launch Safari and tap on the tab icon (two overlapping box icons) at the bottom of the screen.

Parents can use browser tracking to spy on their kids and keep a tab on the website visited by them. It makes it easier for parents to check if a minor child is visiting inappropriate websites or is secretly part of social media platforms. Also, employers are benefited a great deal from browser tracking as they can keep a watchful eye on their employees and ensure they do not spend too much time on the web during working hours.

For all these and many more reasons, setting up browser tracking on other people's phones is useful. Moving on, let us understand how to set a browser tracking mechanism on Android and iPhone/iPad.

2. How to set browser tracking on Android devices

mSpy is the most trustworthy Android browser tracking solution. It can track all web activities on other people’s Android phones remotely, and you will not even have to root the device to download this Spy tool App on it. mSpy has a three-step procedure, which includes Creating an account> Activating mSpy on Target Device> Start Browser Tracking.

To enable browser tracking without letting the target Android user know anything about it, follow the simple steps given below:

First, make an account with mSpy by visiting its official website at and clicking on “Sign Up”.

mspy signup step 1

Next up, you will be required to feed in essential data about the target Android devices whose browser activities need to be tracked. As you can see in the screenshot below, setting up mSpy is simple. Once you’re done, the mSpy server will send you an e-mail containing instructions to use your Dashboard/Control Panel.

mspy signup step 2

Now, visit “Settings” > “Lock screen and security” > “Unknown Sources”> “Ok” on the target Android device so that you can download the mSpy App on it quickly.

In this step, enter and follow the instruction to download and install the mSpy app on the target Android device. You can view the downloaded file at “Notifications” or “Downloads,” as shown below.

Now login on the mSpy App on the target Android device with your account details created earlier. Click Sign In> Grant> Allow.

Finally, log in to your Dashboard/Control Panel.


Visit the “Browser History” section and start browser tracking instantly.

3. How to set a browser tracking on iPhone/iPad

You can also use mSpy for browser tracking on other's iPhone/iPad. It's comparatively more straightforward than Android browser tracking because there is no need to download the App on the target iPhone/iPad physically. All that you will need is a premium account with mSpy and the iCloud ID & password of the target iPhone/iPad.

So let's get started and see how browser tracking on iPhone works with mSpy:

First up, create a mSpy account by signing up and setting it up to access your control panel.

mspy signup step 1

As soon as you feed in details about the target iPhone, click “Next”.

mspy signup step 2

Then make sure iCloud backup, and iCloud syncing is turned on on the target iPhone. Following this, feed in the iCloud details of the target iPhone and click “Verify”.

Lastly, sign in on your Dashboard/Control Panel and start monitoring the target iPhone. To set up browser tracking on iPhone, visit the “browser history” section and view all web activities that will be listed before you in chronological order.


Using mSpy to set a browser tracking on Android and iPhone is relatively simple and very effective. The steps listed above are all that you need to do and gain access to others' web activities. The best part about using mSpy is that it keeps your identity discrete and does not let the target Android/iPhone user know that he/she is being tracked or spied on.

mSpy is a very efficient spy tooling that can also track call logs, messages, and social media apps such as: 

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Snapchat 
  • WhatsApp 
  • Skype 
  • And many more

mSpy also has a GPS tracker to detect target devices' real-time location easily.

mSpy is a well-equipped spying software, and if you decide to use it, you wouldn't have to resort to any other spying tool as it is a one-stop solution for all browser tracking and other hacking/tracking needs.

If you find this guide useful, give mSpy a try; please share it with friends and family.

This article is an endeavor to bring to your notice that browser tracking is possible and can be set up easily on Android and iPhone using mSpy.

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