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Jak węszyć przez telefon swojego chłopaka

If you’ve ever had the urge to snoop through your boyfriend’s phone, then you’re not alone. Sometimes there is no reason you may want to snoop, and it is just simple curiosity that leads you to scroll through his messages and call history. You may not be insecure about the relationship, but sometimes it’s just […]

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Jak wykryć Keyloggera na telefonie z Androidem

It’s dangerous having a keylogger on your phone or any device you own, so it’s important to know the warning signs before you reveal too much or give away any critical and secret information. Your phone should be a safe place which you feel confident messaging, googling and searching for things every day. You shouldn’t […]

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Jak zdalnie włączyć mikrofon telefonu komórkowego

Have you ever wanted to have the power to turn on a microphone on a cellphone, even when you aren’t there to do it? You probably wondering how to remotely turn on a cellphone mic. Perhaps you want to record a conversation, listen to a conversation, or monitor someone’s conversations. While modern cellphone technology has […]

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Jak uzyskać bezpłatną usługę telefoniczną na Androida

Sick and tired of paying huge cell phone service bills? Ready to reduce your dependence on major cell phone providers like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Boost Mobile? Even prepaid minutes plans through companies like Cricket Wireless can add up to big bucks for cellphone users. We will show you how to get free phone service […]

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Jak pingować telefon komórkowy bez pozwolenia

In modern parlance and cellphone slang terms, to ‘ping’ a phone is technically to send a simple packet to a network interface and then receive an echo reply. It’s actually a digital version of what bats and dolphins do as part of echolocation. But if you actually want to discover a particular user’s or particular phone’s […]

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What to Do if Your Phone is Hacked

Getting hacked is an annoying, intrusive, and possibly dangerous situation. It’s also increasingly frequent, as hackers around the globe are becoming ultra-sophisticated. After they have your data, there’s little you can do. So, you probably wondering what to do if your phone is hacked. But, there are steps to perform ‘triage’ and get your data under […]

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How to Hack Cellphones to Get Free Service

Many phone companies charge outrageous amounts for basic service, let alone extras like more data and a faster connection. When the phone bill starts creeping up and becomes one of the more expensive ones that you have to pay each month, that’s when you seek a new way to have the same service. In this […]

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Jak włamać się do aparatu w telefonie komórkowym

An avid intruder has a range of options available when wishing to spy on any given individual. Hacking a cellphone camera normally gives far greater access than just being able to spy on you using video alone. The same set of tools which grants access to your cellphone camera will also be attached to all […]

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Jak słuchać rozmów telefonicznych z innego telefonu

Mobile monitoring tools and remote access toolkits allow someone else to listen to your cellphone conversations from another phone. There are paid legal, paid surveillance apps available and borderline solutions to tapping a phone. Here we’ll be taking you through a look at how to listen to cellphone conversations from another phone, exposing the various […]

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How to Track Incoming Calls

Call tracking is a simple way to find out the answer to all your worries, whether that is an employee stealing company secrets and passing them on to someone else, or it’s your wife cheating on you during her weekends working away. It’s also an ideal system for businesses too, if you get calls from an […]

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