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What We Like

  • 15-day money back guarantee
  • Non-jailbreak option for iOS
  • User-friendly

What We Don't Like

  • Cannot spy on Facebook or Snapchat
  • Subscription service
  • Need physical access

Mobile spy apps have been around for longer than you might imagine. Yes, the technology has evolved, and the apps now offer more features, but law enforcement agencies have been using this kind of spy software since smartphones first hit the market, and even before that similar software was used on computers.

A spy app can give you a certain sense of power and you will need to use that power wisely to avoid landing yourself in hot water. You should prepare yourself for what you may find out when using one of these apps. Review


Mobistealth is one of the most popular spy apps available. It comes with a simple web-based console and powerful monitoring features.

It was developed by Pribno Inc. which is headquartered in Marblehead, Massachusetts. They have been market leaders in the industry since 2009 and in 2015 they launched an application that did not require the device to be jailbroken in order to be tracked.

Who is this product for?

Mobile spy software is intended for parents and employers who feel the need to monitor the phones of their children and employees. Although it is mostly used by parents, some employers state that the software will be installed on your device as part of your employment contract. It is also for those that wish to check up on their spouses when they suspect infidelity.

What’s included?

When you purchase your software, you will also subscribe to their platform. You are then able to immediately download your software. There is no free trial, but there is a 15-day money-back guarantee.

You will now need to access the target app and install the software to start tracking. There is no jailbreaking software or instructions included and you should avoid doing jailbreaking and rooting unless you have the technical background to do so.

Overview of features

The feature-loaded Mobistealth software offers you everything you would want in a spy app and then some. Some of the more standard features that you can expect are the call logging, email logging, SMS and message logging.

It also includes Gmail logging which gives you full remote access to all Gmail activity on the target device, including details of sender/recipient, the contents of all incoming and outgoing emails, date and timestamp and email history.

You can monitor and view all the apps on the target device and you are able to limit access to any inappropriate apps. A great feature for employers monitoring employees is that you have full access to and can monitor all contacts stored on phone as well as the information on the calendar and appointments. You can also see the complete browsing history even after the history has been deleted from the target device.

The one feature that sets Mobistealth apart from the other spy apps is that it is possible to monitor location even if the GPS location on the phone is off.  When this happens, the software will trace the user’s location by catching signals from satellite towers or open Wi-Fi networks. The location is then displayed on a map which you can view on your Mobistealth dashboard.

Other features include a keylogger which logs keystrokes as well the ability to take screenshots remotely of the target device. You can easily record surrounding conversations to listen to later.

Mobistealth will record all calls to and from the target device and upload them to your dashboard for you to listen to when you are ready.


Once you have subscribed to the Mobistealth platform you are ready to start tracking your target device. You need to obtain access to download and install the software on the target phone.

The target phone needs to have internet access to install the software, also internet is required to send you logs and information. Once you have completed the installation the software will run in the background sending you all the information you need while being undetected by the user of the device.


Mobistealth is loaded with great features. However, it does lack slightly on the social media side of things when compared to other spy apps such as Mobile Spy.

Mobile Spy is available in different packages depending on what type of device you want to track, how many devices you want to track and for how long you want to track. Unlike Mobistealth, it has excellent social media tracking abilities.


Mobistealth is designed by a company that has been trusted in the industry for years. The software is regularly updated and is already loaded with features. It’s certainly, one of the best spy apps out there and is popular because of its track record and great customer service.

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