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Have you ever wanted to have the power to turn on a microphone on a cellphone, even when you aren’t there to do it? You probably wondering how to remotely turn on a cellphone mic. Perhaps you want to record a conversation, listen to a conversation, or monitor someone’s conversations. While modern cellphone technology has made our lives more connected than ever before, we also have more safety precautions to put into place.

The truth is, some cellphone users, especially teens and young people, are using their phones in secret ways to contact their friends or make plans to meet that aren’t in their best interest. You can also monitor employees using company cellphones. That’s why it’s important to be able to listen to the surrounding sounds through a cellphone’s microphone.

Well, now there are some easy ways to remotely turn on a cellphone microphone! The following websites each feature a different kind of remote spyware that’s specifically designed for phone monitoring, including capturing auditory cues like phone calls and background noise. Read on to see which one would work best for your situation:

TheOneSpy Mic

TheOneSpy (www.theonespy.com) touts itself as the ‘world’s most advanced parental monitoring and surveillance app for digital devices.’ With this application installed on a phone, you can record and listen to all voice calls. There are several bugging devices as part of this app that are available in the Xtreme package.

One of them is called the Mic Bug. It is sold separately from The OneSpy but works in tandem with it and is easily installed on the phone. You as the user can listen to and record sounds for up to 45 minutes. Those recordings are saved to a separate online account. It’s very easy to turn it on, too, and can be done right from TheOneSpy web page. TheOneSpy is famous for this feature, but it’s only available currently for Android phones. As the good news, the phone doesn’t have to be unlocked.


If TheOneSpy doesn’t have the remote microphone features you’re looking for, perhaps PhoneSpector (www.phonespector.com) does. What’s great about this program is it can be used for either Android or Apple products. After you purchase and login to the software, you can install it on your phone and then log on to the ‘target’ phone to begin installing the spyware on their cellphone device. It also installs software on your phone, so that you gain instant access to the target phone’s data and software, including their microphone.

To remotely turn on the target phone’s cellphone mic, turn on the ‘listen to surroundings’ feature on the PhoneSpector dashboard. This activates the microphone, giving you the ability to hear both the phone calls and the background noise. The app operates by establishing a remote connection to the phone, rather than ‘jailbreaking’ it or any other intrusive means.


Cellphone spy software is becoming more sophisticated with each passing year. Spyera (www.spyera.com) is another company where you can monitor cellphone access and remotely turn on microphones. It’s also compatible with both Android and iPhone platforms.

As the ‘best-selling undetectable monitoring software,’ it works really well to gather all of the information off the target phone that you’re looking for. From the online web control panel, you can control the target phone remotely, including the microphone, and listen in to both conversations and background noise in real time. This feature can also be disabled at any time.

In addition to just listening to noise around the target phone user, with Spyera, you can also listen to live calls, record the calls, create call logs, and record phone surroundings as well. This is especially helpful after you’re able to remotely access the microphone. You can even open the camera remotely.

Adding Spyware to the Target Phone

After you have selected from the above spyware applications, then you will purchase it, download it, and install it on the target phone that you wish to monitor. These spyware applications do their best to be as undetectable as possible.

As of now, unless used by law enforcement, cellphone providers, and other agencies, there are no specific software programs you can purchase that will directly influence a remote microphone by itself. If you want to access a mic on another cellphone, you’ll have to buy the spyware that includes it as a feature.

Remote Mic Access and Privacy

Also, due to privacy laws, you are encouraged to let the person know that you are using their target phone. By law, employers have to notify employees of their spyware and its capabilities before giving them phones where they can listen in on calls, background noise, and conversations.

If the person owning the target phone uses spyware removal software to clean up the device and attempt to remove it, then the spyware you’ve installed may be deleted or completely removed. That also means you’ll also lose access to the remote microphone. The above three companies claim to be as undetectable as they can be, but people are becoming more computer and phone savvy. You are advised to back up your spyware recorded calls and conversations frequently to prevent that from occurring.

Listening in to You

Yes, you can definitely access a target cellphone’s microphone remotely and turn it on, to listen to the person’s calls, conversations, and even plenty of the background noise. This is the kind of technology that could easily be used for the wrong reasons, so maturity, respect for the target phone’s user, and discretion is advised in all cases. We certainly don’t advocate for you to cross into illegal means for obtaining private conversations and other auditory information.

But, with the right technology used ethically and with the target phone user well aware of the spyware, then it can prove to be a useful tool. It would be especially helpful in law enforcement and detective agencies, especially undercover operations, international espionage, whistle-blowing acts, and attempting to catch perpetrators, criminals, and suspects in the act. Towards those aims, being able to turn on the microphone is an excellent tool.

Махаббатты таратыңыз
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