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Review of: ISPYOO.COM

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  • Pricey with advanced features
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In the modern world, the overprotectiveness of parents towards their children doesn’t come as a surprise. With 5.3% of the global population already involved in drugs, it becomes quite stressful for parents to keep their children away from such actions. One way is to keep a regular check on their phones and see if they are in contact with the right people or not.

Spy apps can also be quite useful in saving relationships as you can rely on them to catch a cheating spouse. The use of such apps has been termed illegal because of the invasion of the privacy of the target person, however, they remain popular due to their immense utility. We present you a comprehensive review of the newly introduced iSpyoo, which is high in demand. Review

The app was launched only a while back but has been able to garner a lot of positive reviews from the users. In a relatively short period of time, it has proved to be a reliable platform for mobile device monitoring. It is ideal for all purposes and can be equally useful to protect a naïve child as it is to catch a disloyal employee.

Who is this app for?

The product can be used in different situations whether they are corporate or personal in nature. It is a good resource for employers who are mostly working with remote employees as they will know whether their staff is actually working or not while being away from the office.

If you presume that a loved one is cheating on you or if your kids are not in the right company, the use of this app can help in saving your relationship as well as your loved ones. Without their knowledge, you will be acting as a guard for the people who matter in your life.

What’s included?

iSpyoo is like any other regular spying app which has all the essential features for smartphone monitoring. The app will only work with iOS or Android devices and is not compatible with Windows and Blackberry phones.

We can’t say that it is a reasonably priced app but you can choose from different packages available. The Standard Package is cheaper costing only $17 a month whereas you need to pay $23 per month for the Gold Package. The lower price will also mean a compromised number of features. You can test all the basic and advanced functions of this spy app with the first 48 hours free offer.

Overview of features

The makers of this app have managed to add a number of useful features which will meet the requirements of users. iSpyoo is not far behind any of the high-end spy apps when it comes to features and it is only its novelty which might put it in a questionable position.

Apart from keeping an eye on all the calls made through the phone, one can even record them. This is particularly useful for company owners as they will immediately know if any sensitive information is being transmitted to their competitors. The recorded calls are uploaded to the control panel where they are available to be accessed at any time.

From instant messages to text messages, every conversation will be at your disposal. There is no way that you will be able to miss out on any information because iSpyoo will even let you read deleted messages. Follow the chats on Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and even check confidential emails.

The microphone can be turned on at any time to listen to the surrounding sounds. Do you know what is the best part? Even if the phone is turned off, you will still have access to this feature. All you need to do is go to the control panel of the app and all the data is there.

Only a few apps will let you access the gallery or media files in a phone. Mostly, smartphone users tend to protect the media with additional passwords. This app will let you bypass all the barriers and see the content stored in the gallery. Parents can see pictures which are present in their kids’ phone gallery and even prevent them from sharing their own pictures with strangers.

From checking the calendar to viewing the contact list, there is no way that you can miss out on a thorough inspection of the smartphone. You can even access the email addresses and professional positions of the contacts. This feature is particularly worthwhile for employers who can immediately determine if their employees can be trusted or not.

The value of a GPS tracking system cannot be denied. It is not only suitable for spying but can also ensure the protection of the people you love. iSpyoo can be installed on the smartphones of kids or elderly and their real-time location can be detected at all times. Thus, you’ll be free from the fear of a loved one going missing.


iSpyoo is a comprehensive app with all the spying features right in place. Getting ahold of the advanced features might be an issue since the premium version is expensive. A perfect alternative would be mSpy which also has a vast number of options but isn’t overly pricey.

If you are not looking for the high-end features, opt for Highster Mobile as it comes with only one-time payment and can offer you all the basic functionalities of a spy app.


Easy to install, simple to use, and loaded with features, iSpyoo is a new but a worthwhile addition to the spy app market. If you are using an iOS or an Android device, there is no hurdle in using this app; the biggest drawback is its incompatibility with Blackberry and Windows devices. Enjoy the first 48 hours of test use for free and assess all the features yourself.

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