How to Track Sites Visited History on a Computer

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The browser is an integral part of searching out things, but browser interruption is "Affected by the worms and malware". It plays a vital role in everybody's life. If anybody faces any problem firstly, they search the solution on the internet via a web browser. All your recent searches are saved in the web browser of the history. In computing, web browsing history refers to the list of web pages that you recently visited. You can track sites visited history on the computer by using various tools available on the internet.

For Employee: tracking the site history of an employee in the business is very common. Business owners and managers track sites visited history on the Employee's computer to keep an eye on them. Tracking browser history is a straightforward task, but remotely, it is not possible without any tool. There are many tools on the internet on the internet, which allows you to track browser history.

For Kids: Nowadays, the young generation of tech geeks are spending more time on computers. It is necessary to monitor their activities and protect them from pornography, Cyberbullying, predators, and other harmful threats on the internet.

Why PC Monitoring Software

PC monitoring software is an application that allows you to track your kid's and employee's activities over the internet. Such software supervises the overall processes that are performed on a computing system. You can rely on such monitoring software to keep your eye on your employees and kids.

Business owners and managers can install PC monitoring software on their employee PC to track the site's visited history on the computer and track other activities. Installing such software is very useful when you want to increase your employees' productivity by not allowing them to surf other websites during working hours, such as adult sites, social media, and entertainment websites that are not relevant to the business.

Top 5 Software to help track sites visited history on the computer

1. SurveilStar Employee Monitoring

SurveilStar browser history tracking software is used to track sites visited history on your employee or kid's computer. This powerful spying tool consists of agents, servers, and console. Where console is used to track the browsing history of the target computer, SurveilStar record all browser history and generate a complete detailed report for future use. This tool is developed for both Mac and Windows operating systems.

For businesses, SurveilStar acts as an employee monitor. You can check whether your employees use the internet for business purposes or watching videos on YouTube. SurveilStar stores all the collected data of the monitored computers in a database, which you can view later on your agent computer through a console

  • It records all employees' activities on the computer, such as web browser history, Emails, and other information.
  • SurveilStar supports over 50 plus web browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and many others.
  • Getting engaging with it, you can manage website categories.
  • One can block any unwanted websites with SurveilStar.
  • SurveilStar also helps to track who and where someone has accessed a file so as catch criminal activity.

Price: - They offer a free trial for 30 days and a premium version of $69.95 each month for one computer.

2. Work Examiner PC Monitoring

Work Examiner is an internet monitoring solution that allows you to know what your employee performs on their computer. You can download this tool for a device running on Windows and Mac operating systems. This software consists of various features that make your life easier and convenient.

  • Website tracking
  • Screenshot capture
  • Web Filtering
  • PC Tracking
  • Emails
  • Keylogging
  • Instant messaging
  • Current activity

Prices: Work examiner is available in two editions Standard starts from $25, and Professional edition starts from $37.

3. Qustodio

Qustodio is a free internet monitoring software used to track sites visited history on the computer. Qustodio is available for leading operating systems like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It consists of various features that allow you to track your kid and employee activities.

  • By using this, you can track site visited history on a computer.
  • Qustodio offers various kinds of inbuilt tools to block websites, including pornography, Cyberbullying, and other harmful threats.
  • This software is also equipped with a screenshot feature, which takes a screenshot at regular intervals.

Price: - This is free employee monitoring software as well as premium versions. The cost of the premium version is $40 per year.

4. Realtime-Spy

Realtime-spy is web-based application software. Realtime-Spy is the most robust, feature-rich, cloud-based computer monitoring and remote spy software available for parents and businesses. These tools enable you to track your employee and kid's activities and web browser history with a one-click process.

  • Real-time Activity, Keystroke, and Screenshot Viewing
  • Centralized, Multiple User/PC Logging
  • Graphical Top 10 Reports
  • Easy Log Management and Archiving
  • Keystrokes and Passwords Typed
  • Screenshot capture
  • Website Usage
  • Email Forwarding
  • Location changes

Price: Realtime-spy is available in two editions standard for $79 and plus edition for $99.

5. TeraMind Employee Monitoring

TeraMind delivers a customer-centric security approach to monitor behavior. This tool gives businesses and parents to track sites visited history on a computer. This is one of the best monitoring software available on the internet.

  • Insider Risk Management
  • Automated behavior Rules
  • Employee session recording
  • Employee Internet Monitoring
  • File tracking
  • Employee Email capture
  • Employee Productivity Monitoring

Price: one can download a free Trail version as well as a premium version for $50.

Track Sites Visited History on Android or iPhone.

mSpy is the most trustworthy monitoring solution for the device running on iOS and Android operating systems. It is a phone monitoring and tracking software that allows you to keep an eye on your kid's internet surf history. You can protect your kids from Cyberbullying, predators, pornography, and other threats. mSpy track website history of target user smartphone. One can also use mSpy to hack any smartphone running on iOS or Android.

  • It helps in tracking the real-time location of the device that your kid carries.
  • Keylogger records voice call logs, messages logs and monitor online activities.
  • Sends web browser history and chat logs.
  • It sends reports on a timely basis.

Price: - One month - $29.99, Three months - $39.99, One year - $89.99.



With the advent of technology and innovation, there are many monitoring tools available on the internet. Choosing the best monitoring software is a very frustrating task without consulting any professional. Here we provide you the top software which track sites visited history on a computer. These tools will help you to monitor your kids and employees activities.

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