How to Track Browsing History Secretly

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In today’s world, the best way to know someone is by tracking their web activity. This lets us know if they are going through a tough time or being influenced by anything. No matter what the reason is, you can choose to learn how to track browsing history secretly. By taking the assistance of some reliable third-party tools, you can track anyone’s browsing history without letting them know. In this post, we will teach you how to track browsing history secretly.

Reasons for tracking browsing history secretly.

From thoughtful parents to concerned partners, people belonging to all walks of life would like to learn how to track browsing history secretly. Some of the reasons for monitoring others browsing history could be:

  • Parents want to know whether their kids are getting exposed to inappropriate content at an early age.
  • Individuals would like to know whether their partner is cheating on them or what is their thought process.
  • It can help to know if friends need any help or go through a serious problem (like depression).
  • People also like to track their siblings or parents' browsing history to make sure they are safe.
  • It also helps parents know if their kids are getting bullied or their current state of mind.

No matter what situation you are going through, by learning how to secretly track browsing history, you can certainly help your loved ones in different ways.

Guide to tracking browsing history secretly.

Since it is crucial to know how to track browsing history secretly, we are here to help you take some thoughtful steps. By taking the assistance of mSpy, you can easily track most of the iOS and Android devices remotely. Not just browser history, you can also use it to track their real-time location, call logs, messages, social media activity, call recordings, and more. The tool provides a one-stop solution for every spying need of yours. With so many advanced features, it is sure to meet your requirements.

  • It runs in stealth mode and won’t be detected by the targeted user.
  • The tool has a web-based dashboard that can be accessed from any device.
  • It provides a real-time location of the device with an extensive location log.
  • You can know an in-depth browser history of the device.
  • It has an advanced keylogging feature to record every keystroke made on the device.
  • It can also track the device’s call logs, call recordings, contacts, notes, photos, apps, etc.
  • Compatible with all the leading iOS and Android devices.

If you also want to learn how to track browsing history secretly using mSpy, follow these easy instructions:

1. Create your mSpy account

To access all the fantastic features of mSpy, you need to sign-up and make your account right here. For this, you need to buy a premium subscription related to the target device. You can start spying on a device by spending as little as $7.5 a month. As you would create your account, you need to provide your email id and set up a strong password.

mspy signup step 1

In addition to that, you need to provide the type of device you wish to spy on with some information related to the device's owner.

mspy signup step 2

2. Tracking an iOS device

Tracking iOS device is undoubtedly a child’s play when it comes to mSpy. To learn how to track browsing history secretly on iPhone, you need to log-in to the iCloud account of the user. Just submit the iCloud credentials of the account linked to the target device and start tracking.

3. Tracking an Android device

You might need to walk an extra mile to learn how to track browsing history secretly on an Android device, but it will undoubtedly be worth it in the long run. Gain access to the device and go to its Settings to turn on download from Unknown sources.

You can now visit mSpy’s website from the device and download the apk version of its tracker. Install the app and sign-in with your mSpy account details. Grant all the needed permissions to the app and start monitoring the device.

You can later remove the app icon and let it track the device in stealth mode.

4. Start tracking browser history

To track the browser history of the target device, you just need to visit mSpy’s dashboard. You can view all the necessary information (like the device’s real-time location, frequent callers, etc.)


To know how to track browsing history secretly, go to the “Browser History” panel. This will display a complete detail related to the device’s browser history. You can further look for keywords or filter your search by providing a specific time duration.

Additionally, you can also download the Android app of the Control Panel. This will let you track the target device’s details and activity from your Android devices or iPhone, iPad, iPod.


When you know how to track browsing history secretly, you can quickly meet your requirements in a trouble-free manner. mSpy is undoubtedly a remarkable tool that provides a complete spying solution. Using this sophisticated tool, you can track your loved ones' browser activity and keep them safe.

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