How to Block Websites on Mac

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A website is a collection of interconnected WebPages that include multimedia content like photos, videos, graphics, and much more. With the advent of technology, the Internet makes our life more comfortable and convenient. People take reference of such website in their day to day life to overcome hurdles they face. The Internet is widely spread worldwide, with many positive impacts and many adverse side effects on the young generation.

Today, most people, mostly school kids, spend lots of time on the internet, which causes many negative side effects on them. It is necessary to protect children from various internet activities like pornography, predators, cyberbullying, and many other threats. If you don’t know how to block a Mac, then here below are some steps that provide a solution to your question.

The majority of the population is connected to the internet, and there are many threats available on the internet. Pornography is the main reason people block a website; it has a negative side effect on children. Here is some other reason we would like to block websites as unauthorized websites, prevent kids from payment WebPages and much more.

3 Methods to block websites on Mac

Here below is the solution to your question: How to block a website on Mac operating system?

Method 1: Enabling Parental Controls

Step 1: First of all, you have to click on the apple logo at the screen's top-left corner. Then click on system preferences.

Step 2: Then, the system preferences dialog box will appear. Now click on the yellow icon, namely “Parental controls”, under the system category.

Step 3: Once you click on parental control, click on the user account to block or unblock the website. Then click on “Enable Parental Controls”. You can create a new account if your child doesn’t have an account.

Step 4: Once the above process is completed, now navigate the “content” tab and click on it.

Step 5: Under the content tab, there are few options to manage child activities. You can click on “try to limit access to adult websites automatically” to block all adult websites automatically. Otherwise, click on customize to add or remove the website from the block list.

Step 6: You can also control time restrictions by clicking on the “Time Limits” tab. From here, you can adjust time and settings to control access to the internet.

Step 7: When you need to unblock the website, you can go back to the content tab and click on “Allow unrestricted access to websites”.

Method 2: Blocking sites with the Hosts File

This is another method you can use to block a website on Mac. This method is reliable and well tested; you can rely on this method.

Step 1: Firstly, you have to open the application and run “Terminal”. You can change or modify the host file using the terminal, including internet protocol address and Uniform Resource Locators. This method is not a hundred percent success rate, and it is not difficult to bypass.

Step 2: once the above process is finished, type “soda/bin/cp/etc/hosts-original” in the Terminal. Now, hit the Enter button to execute the command.

Step 3: Now, you have to enter the administrator password in the Terminal and press the “Enter” button. You cannot control input with the cursor; you have to handle it with the keyboard.

Step 4: you have to enter following command in terminal “sudo /Applications/ /etc/hosts” and hit enter button. There is another way to edit the host file is type “sudo nano-e/etc/hosts”

Step 5: Now, the host file has many internet protocol addresses. If you edit or delete this file, then the web browser stops working or corrupt. You can use keyboard arrows to navigate the page or reach the page.

Step 6: Then, you have to enter your local IP address The web browser can't reach this address.

Step 7: Now enter the address of the website which you want to block. Don does not include the IP address before the website's address. If you're going to block Facebook, then type "".

Step 8: Once the above process is completed, save the TextEdit file and closes it.

Step 9: Now type “dscacheutil-flushcache” in the terminal and hit the Enter button. Please restart your computer to prevent children from accessing them by instantly blocking all websites.

Method 3: Using other methods

You can rely on this method to block Mac websites. You have to follow such steps to get instant results.

Step 1: if you are using web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any other, then extensions allow us to block websites. You have to install an extension of the website blocker, as shown in the picture.

Step 2: you can also use router features to block websites on mac. You have to go to the application and open system preferences by clicking on the apple icon.

  1. Now click on the “Network” under the internet and wireless category.
  2. Copy the IP address and paste it into the address bar of a web browser; it will redirect you to router settings.
  3. Now, enter your username and password to log in to your router.
  4. Navigate the router settings for blocking options. Here you can add a website domain that you want to block or unblock.

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