How to Block Websites on Internet Explorer

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Content availability has increased with the Internet, and all types of content are available on websites, including music, images, movies, etc. Not only do adults surf the Internet daily, but children are not behind them. The Internet has made our life convenient in several ways, but like a coin, it has another side to it. The advent of social media has increased Internet usage in the present generation, and people spend more time surfing the Internet.

The Internet has made collecting information easier as now all the information you may want is available on different websites. You can find music, videos, music, movies, pictures, etc., on different websites. Some websites are specifically made to provide users such content. But anyone can also use the Internet to distribute illegal content like pornography, cyberbullying, and terrorist activities.

Block Websites on Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is a web browser developed by Microsoft and is the default browser available in the Microsoft Windows operating systems. The internet explorer enabled Microsoft to rule the web browser world after overtaking Netscape. When Windows was the most prominent operating system globally, almost 95% of people used internet explorer for surfing the net.

But in the present world, Internet Explorer use has declined after web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome was launched. 

Also, devices with Linux Os and macOS don’t run internet explorer. Many internet explorers have been released from its initial launch in 1995. Microsoft dropped the Internet Explorer as the default browser for the new devices running on Windows 10 and has introduced Microsoft Edge in its place. It has more features and a better user interface than Internet explorer.

Social networking and online games have become popular among children. They spend a lot of time on these platforms and neglect their studies. Doing this is not good as they won't learn anything and won't get any decent jobs in the future if they stay like this. So for parents, it is vital to limit the access of their children to these sites. Blocking some websites like pornography, social networking, and online games are necessary to ensure your children's bright future. Thus, one should take proper care to monitor children's online activities to not come in contact with these threats. If you want to learn how to block websites on Internet Explorer, read on.

Method 1: On internet Explorer 10 and 11

Step 1: Go to the control panel and select the Users Accounts menu.

Step 2: Click on the Add or remove user option to create a child account for the users you want to block websites.

Step 3: After creating the child account, go to the Family safety settings. Click on “Setup Family Safety for any user”.

Step 4: It will launch the Family Settings panel, and you can select the child account from the list of users.

Step 5: On the new window, click on Web filtering option and enable it.

Step 6: Enable "(users) can only use the websites I allow" and then click on "Set web filtering level".

Step 7: In the new options displayed, choose from the list of restriction options like Allow list only or Designated for children or other options.

Step 8: Click on Allow or Block websites to add or remove websites from the block list. Add the URL of the website and click on the Block button to restrict that user's access to that particular website.

Step 9: Now close the window, and it will automatically save the settings. Now you need to make sure that the child can access the computer with the child's account.

Method 2: On internet explorer 7, 8, 9

Step 1: Click on Tools in the menu bar of internet explorer and click on internet options.

Step 2: Then click on the Content tab in the Internet Options dialog box.

Step 3: Under the content advisor option, click on the Enable button.

Step 4: On the content advisor dialog box, select the Approved sites tab.

Step 5: Enter the address of the website in the text field under the Allow this website.

Step 6: Click on the Never button and then OK.

Step 7: Assign or change the password to the content advisor and click OK.

Step 8: Click OK on all dialog boxes. Now you have successfully blocked websites on internet explorer 7, 8, 9.

Method 3: Blocking website in Internet explorer through windows

Step 1: Press the Window +R button and fill %windir%\system32\drivers\etc in the text field of Run command and click on OK. You can also go to the location through window explorer C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc.

Step 2: Then open the hosts file in Notepad.

Step 3: Edit the file by entering the followed by the address of the website you want to block in the last line. Here we have added‘’.

Step 4: Save the changes by pressing ctrl + S or going to the File menu and click on Save. Ignore any warning displayed.

Step 5: Now restart the windows as the changes will take effect after it. You want to able to open that website in Internet Explorer or any other browser on your computer.

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