How to Block Websites on Android Chrome

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You may observe several problems while surfing on your computer or iPhone, or Android. The problem is nothing but a virus attack, or your information might get steal. Some hackers will pass the Virus to your Android device to know about your personal information. Folks! Don’t give the space to hack your details. We know that you will ignore those problems on your PC or Smartphone. What is the solution which exists till last? How many times will you ignore it?

In some cases, you will find a way to stop it completely. At that time you will have a question “How to block websites on Android Chrome?” It’s okay! You have found the solution along with the problem. How do you conclude to block websites on chrome Android? Do you have an idea?

Websites such as adult control, Ads displayable, gambling, Virus passing websites, personal details form fill up and non-authorized bank websites, etc. To block all these kinds of websites, we have recommended you three steps and complete guidance. No more tension or worry to stop the unwanted website now!

How to Block Websites on Android Chrome

A foremost said, “Block websites Chrome Android” – Do you know how to block websites on Android Chrome? We give you short and crisp two methods to block websites on chrome Android. However, after blocking the websites, you won’t get any trouble from the blocked website as surely. For a typical method, there will be some guidance and solutions with approximate changes. We are here to help you with proper and proven methods to rectify your problem.

Let’s see the methods to block websites chrome Android:

Method 1# Use ES File Explorer:

One of the best continent methods is using ES File Explorer to block the websites. From this method, you will come to know how to block websites on Android Chrome? It is nothing but making the edit in files of hosts. Do you know what the host file is? Some may know; some may not know! The hosts file is known to map the hostname to the respective IP address, and it is plain text stored in the operating system.

Step 1: Download the ES file manager from the play store Google. Install the software on your Android device. Open the home page of the ES file manager and click the slash (/) button.

Step 2: After clicking the /, you will automatically direct to the root directory and click the ect file. Search where the host file is and open it to access. You will see the frame having options and select the Open as. Choose the text option and select the ES note editor. You can start editing the file.

Step 3: You can ask what you have to edit in the host file. Let us guide you! You want to type the website URL, which you have to block. It’s an easy method. Eg: website URL.

Note: Once if you added the website URL; reboot your Android device to confirm your changes. That will block the websites immediately.

Method 2#: Safe browser

A safe browser is the second-best method to block unwanted websites in Android chrome. It monitors all your browser activities, whether it ranges from million or billion.

Step 1: Install the safe browser on your Android device and open the home screen. Select the menu and then Admin. You can choose the password for verification purposes.

Step 2: Now open the website which you want to block and click the more option present at the menu.

Step 3: Click on the “Add blacklist”. You will get the message the website has been blocked.

Step 4: Once if all done, you can exit from the admin.

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As a result of this, friends! We have enlisted two methods to block websites on chrome Android, and you are well known to the question “How to block websites on Android Chrome?” You have to be fixed will all type of solutions, and for that case, please be safe with browsing activities.

Avoid unwanted websites for your future and present happiness!

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