How to Block Shooting Games

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When it comes to games, not all of them are suitable for children. Games contain all types of content, including drug use, sex, violence, and foul language. Studies conducted on teenagers show that many develop a short-term spike in aggressive behaviors. This is one of the primary reasons most parents prefer blocking shooting games to prevent their kids from being exposed to violence and foul language showcased in the game. Also, the game is rated 17plus; hence it is not suitable for children.

How to block shooting game on iPhone or iPad

1. Guided access

Guided access is a feature that allows you to block all applications except one. For example, one could lock the device and run only one application, either a game or an educational application. This limits the usage of the device to only that one application.

To set up this feature, open the Settings app and select general. Navigate to Accessibility, then Guided Access, where you can enable guided access and set up a password to prevent the settings from accessing.

To enable guided access, you can open the application you want the device to be locked to then quickly press the home button three times to make the guide access screen to appear. Once this is configured, if you try to leave the app, a “guide access is enabled” message is displayed, and it would require you to enter a pin to exit the “guide access” mode.

2. Restriction

In this mode, you can set certain restrictions to be enforced. Such restrictions include preventing kids from accessing specific applications. In this case, stop the kids from installing new applications and locking down other settings. After selecting these settings, they cannot alter them without keying in the PIN that was set.

To set up these restrictions, open the settings application, then click general. Navigate to restrictions and enable the restrictions. You will be required to set up a pin to use whenever you need to change restriction settings.

You can customize the type of content or apps you want your kids to access. In this case, you can prevent the kid from accessing games rated 17 plus.

How to block shooting game on Android phone

Using a parental control app

There are several parental control apps that you can download, such as screen time parental control, secure teen parental control, and mobile fence parental control.

  1. 1
    The first step is to download the application on the google play store.
  2. 2
    After installation, locate the app icon and launch it. The next step involves creating a pin code that will add restricted apps, make changes to settings, and exit the parental control mode. Click on the menu button, then select “create pin”. Enter the pin you would wish to use, then tap “ok”.
  1. 3
    There is an option to add the child’s information such as the name, age, and gender, then tap “ok” to save the changes.
  1. 4
    Tap the selecting apps option from the settings menu and tap on the apps you wish to allow your child to access. Tap “ok” when you are done.

How to block shooting game on PC

  1. 1
    Open the control panel, then select system and security.
  2. 2
    In the firewall section, select “Allow a program through Windows Firewall".
  1. 3
    If you wish to block an application or a game, uncheck the box on the application name's left. This prevents the application from accessing computer resources hence cannot run.
  2. 4
    If the program you want to block is not on the list of programs listed, click the “Allow another program” button, select the program, and click “Add” to add it to the list.

How to block shooting game on MAC

Though MAC comes with inbuilt security features, it lacks some advanced features that enhance security. It, therefore, requires one to install an app locker. One of the best MAC app blockers is Cisdem AppCrypt. Once downloaded and installed, you should follow the following steps to lock the apps.

  1. 1
    Once the app is launched, the first step is to set up a password and then click submit.
  1. 2
    After setting up the password, you should click "add app" on the menu bar's left side to add the apps you want to be blocked to the block list. Doing this will lock the apps, and opening them would require a password.
  1. 3
    The app comes with some additional features to capture snapshots of intruders using the front-facing camera.

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The majority of people don’t know how to block shooting games. Many parents find it difficult to restrict their children from playing these games on their computers and mobile devices. However, it is not difficult to restrict access using the steps explained above, considering the device in usage.

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