How to Block City Wars Games

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Block city wars game is an open-world game where the real war is going. This game is trendy right now all across the world, especially teenagers love this game. There are vast numbers of fans in a matter of hours. Block City Wars is a clone of grand theft auto series games where there is an altercation between gangsters, cops, mafia, and much more. If you are a diehard fan of the Grand Theft Auto game, then you will enjoy this pixel shooting game.

This game is equipped with lots of fascinating features that make your gameplay experience more effortless and convenient. The online battle feature is one of the best features of this game, where lots of gamers play worldwide. You can choose the best custom skin and join mad chaos right away! This game is not an official application and approved by Mojang developers; Minecraft is the trademark of Mojang.

Block City Wars Game

According to the study, playing war games regularly is very hazardous for the human body. It causes many adverse side effects on us, like reduced self-control, reduced sleep hours, and reduced verbal memory, personality changes, and much more. Mainly young people are addicted to such games, especially teenagers. It is necessary to control the addiction of City Wars Games on teenagers to keep them away.

Below are some tips to block City Wars Games from your Android or iOS operating system devices.

How to block City Wars Game on iPhone

You can use an in-built parental control application for Apple iPhone/iPod. By using this feature, your can block city wars game and much more. Here below are some which you have to follow to block applications.

Step 1: First of all, you have to tap on “settings” – “General”.

Step 2: Now, scroll down to navigate “Restriction” and then tap on “Enable Restrictions”.

Step 3: Then, Create a restriction password.

Step 4: Now, choose the application that you want to block access.

How to block City Wars Game on Android phone

Android is the most popular operating system developed by Google. Majority of the population in the world use Android devices in their day to day life. There are lots of application tools available used to block city wars games and much more. But it isn't easy to choose the best of them. Here, I share information related to block apps on an Android smartphone with the App Lock application.

Step 1: Firstly, you have to install the App Lock application on your Android device and open it.

Step 2: Now, create a password or draw a lock pattern.

Step 3: Once the above process is completed, you will see app lock shows you the entire application list installed on your device, followed by a toggle. You can switch the toggle to lock or unlock the application.

Step 4: you can choose lock type according to your requirement by tapping on “unlock settings”, located at the bottom of the screen. Once this process completes, draw the pattern and hit “continue”.

Step 5: Once can also lock system settings under system lock like enable the toggle of “install/uninstall” to prevent installing and uninstalling for unauthorized users.

How to block City Wars Game on Windows PC

Step 1: First of all, you have to click on “start menu” and search for “windows firewall” in the search bar.

Step 2: Now, open the windows firewall.

Step 3: On the windows firewall window, click on “Allow a program or feature through windows firewall” at the top left corner of the screen.

Step 4: Here, you will see a list of the application installed on the tour computer followed by permissions. Click on “change settings” and accept the pop-up window by click on “Yes”.

Step 5: Now locate the application which you want to block and then uncheck the application.

Step 6: Once the above process is completed, click on “OK” to save your settings.

How to block City Wars Game on Mac

OS X v10.5.1 and later include an application firewall, which allows us to block applications from unauthorized users or from your kids to access them. Here are some steps which you have to follow to block the application on a Mac operating system.

Step 1: First of all, you have to click the Apple logo at the top left corner of the screen and then select “System Preferences”.

Step 2: Now Click on “Security and privacy”.

Step 3: Once the above process completes, click on the Firewall tab.

Step 4: Navigate the pane and unlock it by clicking the lock and put the correct username and Password.

Step 5: Now click “Turn on Firewall” or “Start” to enable the firewall.

Step 6: Click on the Advanced button to customize the firewall configuration.

Step 7: Click on Add (+) button to add an application that you want to block permissions.

Step 8: Click “Add” and then “OK”.

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