How to Block a Website on Firefox

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We have landed up in the same situation now; confused whether to be happy about the developments the world is making due to advancement in technology or be frightened thinking about the damages it is causing or may cause in the future.

Block a Website on Firefox

The internet is freedom, and no one cannot deny this. However, a section of society is taking undue advantage of this so-called freedom. Talking about an adult - it is acceptable to use your PC with all freedom to use the internet. When we are talking about children, there has to be a restriction on how much they are using the web. As parents, our children’s physical and psychological security is paramount.

What about the freedom of using the internet at work? Well, the same is applicable here too. Every office has a set of goons that prefer to waste their time browsing unnecessary websites or posting minute-by-minute updates on Facebook and Twitter! And let’s not forget the risk of data leakage of confidential official data. The loss due to such events is immeasurable!

Firefox is a ubiquitous free internet browser used by millions of people worldwide for browsing the Internet. Firefox is available and compatible with a broad range of operating systems like Linux, Mac, Windows, etc., to name a few. It is also available in as many as 70 different languages of the world.

Out of the many different browsers, Firefox is a lot faster and ensures that you will not have to waste much time waiting for pages to load. It has a substantial emphasis on online security and privacy and protects your data from being exposed and exploited when browsing the Internet.

How to Block a Website on Firefox

You can have so many reasons to block a website on Firefox, and it could be because you need to control what your children watch or check on what your employees are doing during their work time at their workplace.

We will take you through the three methods for blocking websites on Firefox. Here we go:

Blocking Websites on Firefox Using Add-ons

Firefox comprises many of the add-ons which you put into use for blocking specific websites. These add-ons are nothing but the extensions that can be appended to Firefox and carry out the specific function they are intended to. Follow the steps to do this process:

  1. 1
    Firefox comprises many of the add-ons which you put into use for blocking specific websites. These add-ons are nothing but the extensions that can be appended to Firefox and carry out the specific function they are intended to. Following are the steps to do this process:
  1. 2
    Look for the extensions which can block websites on Firefox in the search tab. In this example, take "Block Site" for easy understanding. Add Block Site extension to Firefox, and install it. Select "I don't want to help" in the new tab. This will help you to protect your browsing data.
  1. 3
    Now go back to the main interface and click on “Extensions”. Find the “Block Website” and mark its preferences. Now you can add any website to the block-list. Take Facebook as an example to understand.

Blocking Websites on Firefox With Hosts File

You must know that a hosts file is a system file used primarily to convert domain names to IP addresses. It plays a vital role in mapping hosts names to specific IP addresses. The process is straightforward, as mentioned below:

  1. 1
    Open the “Finder” and direct “Go to Folder” on the menu. Type “/etc/hosts” or “/private/etc/hosts” in the bar and press Enter.
  1. 2
    Look for the Hosts file and bring it to the desktop to edit.
  2. 3
    Now edit the Hosts file. For example, if you wish to block Facebook, you need to type or
  3. 4
    Bring the Hosts file to the initial location and replace the old file. Now Facebook has been blocked on Firefox.

Blocking Websites on Firefox Using OpenDNS

OpenDNS is another effective way to learn how to block a website on Firefox? Let us see the step by step process for blocking websites on Firefox.

OpenDNS is a service that reroutes the websites containing restricted content. OpenDNS will allow you to block the websites for all the users on your network, irrespective of the device or browser they are using.

  1. 1
    Visit in your browser to get started.
  1. 2
    Select "Personal" on the website. This will show all the different personal use options.
  1. 3
    Select the "OpenDNS Family Shield" option. This pre-constructed screen will block all the adult sites and other problematic content on your network.
  1. 4
    Select the "Home routers" option. This will mention most of the popular routers with pre-set instructions.
  1. 5
    Look for your router on the displayed list. Alternatively, you can select "FamilyShield Router Configuration Instructions".
  1. 6
    Open the configuration page of your router. The process for this will vary depending on your router and home network setup.
  1. 7
    Open the "Internet" section, which contains DNS settings. Now disable the Automatic DNS.
  1. 8
    Enter the following two DNS addresses. Key in the following addresses into the first two fields:
Now click Apply and Save the changes you have made.

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We hope that the above article has given you a good insight into blocking a website on Firefox using various methods.

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