Highster Mobile Reviews and the Best Highster Mobile Alternative

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Would you like to have complete details about Highster Mobile, then go through the details in this article will serve the purpose and what's more, have one surprise too for you.

Highster Mobile

Highster is one of the options for spying and monitoring online mobile usage, capable of accessing your children, employees, or loved one’s cell phone without them even knowing about it. The software has support for Android and iOS devices, and it is remotely simple to use! All it takes is the target phone on your hands to start stealth recording all kinds of information from the selected person, and you can complete the whole process set up in just a few minutes.


If you still do not know how a spy app works, it is effortless! All you must do is install the app on the phone you want to monitor, and then the only person who will know is there is you. In this way, no matter how hard the phone user searches, they will not find it. Once it is settled, the process of monitoring occurs through a central panel, kind of an “operation center”.

Alongside his main function of monitoring, which can be very useful for keeping safe online surface for your children, discovering a cheating spouse, or protecting your business interests, you can enjoy a lot of features, such:

  • Text and call monitoring, including for apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram;
  • GPS location tracking all over the world;
  • Stealth camera access, with a full view of photos and videos;
  • Browse internet history;
  • Social media monitoring, show updates and activities from Facebook and Twitter;
  • Access to the list of contacts, e-mails, and more!

The price range changes according to the features you want to get, but it is a one-time purchase. The main package starts at $ 69.99 and can be bought on their official website.

Highster Mobile Reviews

For excellent product delivery, you must support what you are saying you offer. To check if Highster Mobile is a perfect option in the spy apps market, we enumerate several reviews and listed the software's pros and cons. The website specialized reviews were mainly good, as the ones mentioned below:

This spying software is user-friendly and doesn’t require specific knowledge. We recommend you learn other reviews of widespread monitoring apps and pick the one that is the best for you. But we should mention that Highster Mobile is worth attention

Cell Spy Apps

The necessity of spying apps is obvious. This tool is an excellent option for plenty of people. Business owners, as well as heedful parents, appreciate these phone trackers. Highster Mobile is a sample of high-quality and reliable software that makes its job correctly. It satisfies diverse spying needs and can become a good assistant in your everyday life

Spying Ninja

However, when it is about directly user reviews, the performance decays drastically:

Smith, Hanna


Do not waste your money on this software. Their app has many bugs. There is A LOT of information that does not get logged. Moreover, the information that does get posted is done so much later. There is a huge lag in getting information. You'll get today's activity days later. Tech support tells you to do useless remedies like restart or reinstall. The refund policy is also a scam. Satisfaction or 30-day is NOT guaranteed. If you've activated the license on the target device, they won't refund your money. And you can't test it out without starting, so the refund policy or satisfaction guarantee makes no sense.


And the other reviews contained at Trustpilot shown a similar opinion. In this case, they do not deliver a grateful experience, which immediately affects the customer options. Does not matter how many features their website promise, the cons overpower the pros: there is no support, and the free trial is fake since mostly reviews point that they did not receive their refund order. If you are interested in a spy app and did not approve the Highster Mobile reviews, continue below for a good alternative.

The best alternative to Highster Mobile

If you get excited about the spy app promise but did not like the reviews above, we have the best Highster alternative for you! mSpy is one of the complete tools available in the market and can overcome its competitors in many ways: price, file types, support, and many more. The alternative emerges with the same purpose and guarantees online monitoring, although the product is impressive!

mSpy is a must-have app for those who want to control and monitor another cell phone. It is simple and has a good user experience, detailing data in different intuitive categories, according to the file types:

  • Call logs,
  • GPS location,
  • SMS,
  • Social apps,
  • Keyloggers,
  • Call recording,
  • Photos,
  • Videos,
  • Memo,
  • Contacts,
  • Calendar activities,
  • etc.

Also, the pricing is very acceptable.

mSpy is multiplatform: supported both in iPhone and Android devices. Also, it has a more extensive range of support for Android devices, including Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Google Nexus, Lenovo, LG, and others. If you want quality software for the hacking phone app, mSpy is the choice!

Featured below is a tutorial for how to install and use the application.

How to use the Highster Mobile alternative - mSpy

Follows the mentioned guide on how mSpy, the best Highster alternative, works. Let’s check the details below. The first thing is to create an account. Register using a valid e-mail address so that you will get access to the app download link.

mspy signup step 1

Once the registration gets finished, the setup page is known as "mSpy Setup Wizard" appears. Enter the details asked for and select "Mobile Device": Android or iPhone. In case having an Android device so, let's start with the Android device tutorial (Note: For iPhone device will provide details in later steps).

mspy signup step 2

For Android

Take target phone and go to “Settings>Security” and then you need to enable the “Unknown source” button. After that, click “OK”. Doing so will allow you to install apps that are not directly downloadable from Google Play Store.

The next step is to download then install the app. After that, you need to visit the download page to complete the process. Once the download gets completed, you’ll find access to the APK file from the notifications or else from the download folder.

Now you open the app to sign in and accept the User Agreement to provide all the permissions requested. Then click on “Grant”, and then press “Allow” and finally, “Activate this device administrator” then, you can start monitoring. Note: The most important thing the icon will get automatically disappeared once you start the app.

For iPhone

If you have selected “iPhone (iCloud)” over the Setup Wizard, then the following page information for iCloud credentials appears. Enter the iCloud account details then need to click “Verify”.

Finally, start monitoring! By accessing the dashboard control panel. Then confirm that the target phone status is turned on as well synchronized so that you will get all the live data and updates.


If you are looking for a spy app and think the market options are limited, do not panic! mSpy is the best Highster Mobile alternative.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Users should bear any consequences of improper use.

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