How to Check Cell Phone Call History Online?

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Sometimes, it may be required to trace out the details of our closed ones. This is especially necessary for parents of teenagers. The good thing is that it is possible to find out the cell phone call history of a person by being at your place itself.

If you want to keep in touch with your closed one, here is the solution. Yes, you do not need to be physically present with your close one to view their activities. These days, there are many apps available in the market to search cell phone call history online for free. These apps are designed so that you can trace out any details like cell phone call history online, messages, etc. If you have downloaded this app into the target person’s mobile, it will track every detail of that person on your mobile. However, it is also necessary to check the comfortableness level of the app with your mobile phone.

Part 1: How to Check my Cell Phone Call History?

Now, it becomes effortless to view cell phone history. Just be relaxed. This section will answer your queries on how to check my cell phone call history. With these steps, you can instantly view the call history of your cell phone. You will get details like contact names, phone numbers, time, call duration, cell phone call history, and types of calls.

How to View Phone Records?

This is a challenging thing; you can only keep a limited track of phone records on your mobile, probably for a few days. However, we will tell you that checking my cell phone call history is possible by following any of the below-mentioned tips.

There are many ways to get phone records and check my cell phone call history through your phone records or your service provider. Let's go through a few of them below:

  • When you receive the cell phone bill monthly, you will get cell phone activities with the charge for the calls. Here you can view your cell phone call history.
  • The next solution could be to sign it to the cell phone's service provider on the website through your account. Register formally, and you will get the password to the iPhone for confirmation. Login to the website using your username and password. Choose the option "Billing and Payment". Now select the "Call history," and you can check your call history.
  • If you want the past eight months' call history, you can call or request your service provider for a cell phone to send. You will get the printed record either in the mail or by courier.
  • In case you have a prepaid number, getting the history of your cell phone may be cumbersome. Some service providers need a written request for the same, or even some deny it until a court order and a written confirmation that you are the phone number owner. The request has to include your complete name, address, phone number, and the IMEI number of your cell phone. The requirements may vary from one service provider to the other.

Part 2: How to Check Other Cell Phone’s Call History?

Checking the cell phone call history sometimes becomes necessary. However, it is not an easy thing. How can you get the call log details of other cell phones if both are at different places? If you have any doubt about your close one’s activities and want to find out the contact list of that person immediately, here is your solution. Tracing is the only way to does cell phone call history online free app. Keep in mind that they should not come to know that you are going to trace them. Being careful in this thing is very important. There are two methods with which you can trace out the cell phone’s call history without their knowledge.

Method 1: View someone’s cell phone call history with Phone Spy Tool

With this method, you should download the Spy tool into the target phone’s cell phone call history. This Spy tool stores the cell phone call history online free app of the target mobile. Can you instantly view them on your mobile and get the information regarding checking your cell phone call history?


  • Download App.
  • Register App.
  • Log into Dashboard
  • Execute Remote commands.

Method 2 – How to view other’s cell phone call history with mSpy?

mSpy is the best app to trace out the call history. mSpy software lets you view all calls' complete history, including incoming, outgoing including phone numbers, contact names, date, time, and duration. How to check my cell phone call history? View all voice call logs. As tracking software, it enables you to access the phone's call logs. In the end, you can confirm the contact information of your target. As an add-on service, it also provides the ways to get the phone number to which the target person has called, days, date, and time duration. You will get the whole history of the target person via IM. Some people may not be loyal to the closed ones. To overcome the fear about our closed one, install this cell phone call history online free app into your device.


It is crucial to keep the app invisible to the target person. They shouldn't know that you are tracing their details. This mSpy app allows you to do that easily and learn how to check your cell phone call history?

  • It helps Organizations.
  • It enables you to know even if they deleted something from their mobile.

Steps to Download mSpy App:

Step 1: Go to the mSpy website and download the control panel app. This will be showing you all the Verizon call logs that will be hacked from your targeted mobile. You can install this app on your mobile, desktop, or you can opt to view it on your browser as well. Before going into the next step, do not forget to register yourself on mSpy and remember the email-id and password used.

mspy signup step 1

Step 2:  This step will ask you about the Verizon phone's details that you want to hack. You will need to know the age and the mobile phone name to hack into the Verizon call history. Once you are done with the information, you can click okay and continue to the next step.

mspy signup step 2

Step 3: This is the most important step of all. Depending on the Os used on the Verizon mobile, you will need to choose your actions, if it’s an IOs device, you will have to provide the cloud details, and in case the phone runs on Android, you will need to follow a bit difficult and complicated steps.

For the Android version, you will need to get into the targeted phone first to track my Verizon call log. Once you have the phone, you will have to install the tracking app on the targeted mobile. After the installation is complete, allow access to that mobile, and you are done.

Step 4: once all the steps above are done, you can open your control panel app and go to the dashboard. It will show the Verizon mobiles that are being hacked. Form the panel on the left-hand side; you will view all the log information and call details quickly.



Now, don’t worry about the safety of your children. If you have finished the downloading process of mSpy, you will get the whole cell phone call history of the second person right at your fingertips.

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