Top 5 iPhone Call History App

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What Is iPhone Call History App

The iPhone calls history stores over more than thousand calls but you can merely see the last hundred calls which you have made. Now, if you delete some call history then you will get to see some more old call record. This problem has been on iPhone since its 2G series. And there is no way to improve it except you expect the makers to change it.

Download An iPhone Call History App To Make Things Simple

However, you can download some iPhone apps, which will get you all your records for a specific period. Such an app is called the iPhone call history app. As soon as you hook up this app, it will download all the call history for you in its background, and if you want to clear the call history, you can clear it on the iPhone; the app won't lose any call history. You can always check your call history from the app.

One of the primary things that your iPhone does is grouping all the discussions into one event. When you compare your iPhone's call log with the iPhone app, you will see that the iPhone groups all its call log together for incoming calls and outgoing calls well. In that case, you can download the iPhone call log app.

Top 5 Best iPhone Call History App

1. mSpy

Want to monitor the phone activity of your child? mSpy is your answer. mSpy is one of the best apps used for tracking the activity on a smartphone. If you want to keep your children safe from the dangers they are exposed to on their smartphones, or if you're going to monitor the smartphone that your employees are using, then mSpy is the perfect app for you. With this, you can find out all the target's activities, the battery percentage, its location, call log, and much more. When you want to stop monitoring, you can do it directly from the app on your device. The price of a mSpy subscription is around 10 dollars per month.

2. myAT&T

myAT&T allows you to manage your AT&T and Wireless and U-verse accounts just at the tip of your finger from your Android device. With this app's help, you can manage all your account functioning like viewing and paying your bill, view wireless voice and data usage, and high-speed internet from anywhere and anytime. It helps you in selecting paperless billing and auto-pay. You can check your phone status instantly and upgrade it. Moreover, it also allows you to make changes quickly to your AT&T wireless service plans right from the palm of your hand. Turn your data usage on and off with just a tap. It also helps you to schedule appointments, thus allowing you to avoid the lines in the store. It also enables you to manage the U-Verse feature like setting up a call forward, locating you and caller ID on your TV.

3. WePhone

WePhone is a VoIP phone service that helps you save your money by using the high-speed internet connection of your phone or Wi-Fi from another device to make calls within your country and internationally around 200 countries. The phone companies used to charge high prices for their towers even when you have other networks. Then why choose such a phone company? You can make it free as calls and texts are free to other WePhone users. So make calls to your friends and families from your iPhone call log app. You can even earn some free minutes with fun actions.

4. MagicApp Calling

Download and login to the magic app with your existing magicJack email to make calls and texts over your Wi-Fi. The magicApp is only available for people with an active magicJack device. Calls from magicApp user to magicApp user are free. Go back to your iPhone call history app and make a call to your families and friends, and the best part is that they don’t have to download the app to text you. This app is limited to one smartphone per active magicJack device number. However, if you want to use another smartphone, you have to purchase a one-year MagicApp plan for 9.99$.


Have control over many things with this app. View real-time account information and pay your current bill. You can diagnose the troubleshoot equipment issue and activate new cable Set-Top Box services and get alerts of your area every minute. With this app, you can also view and upgrade your current service. Manage, view, and cancel appointments. However, a TWC ID is needed to sign up for this app.

How To Use mSpy To Check Other’s iPhone Call Log

It is not a that challenging task as you think. All you have to do is create a mSpy account on the website or within the mSpy app. Once you have made the account, you can use it both on the desktop and within the app.

  1. 1
    First, you have to create an account either on the mSpy app or on the website at
mspy signup step 1
  1. 2
    Now you have to enter the details of the iPhone you wish to spy on after logging into your mSpy account.
  2. 3
    mSpy will then take you to a new page where a setup wizard will guide you through the process of spying on another iPhone device by filling in information like the name of the device user, the Operating System of the phone, and so on.
mspy signup step 2
  1. 4
    After that, you need to enter your iCloud account details, then verify them.
  2. 5
    After the setup, the call logs and other monitored data will be synchronized and pushed to the mSpy app as long as the device is connected to the internet.


We can say that having to browse an iPhone's call history is not very difficult if you follow the right steps and have the right iPhone call log app. So get one right now.

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