Top 5 Call Tracker Apps for Android

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Still, request Network Provider to disclose the location of Call? Find it on your Android Device!

According to old concepts, Call tracking refers to record the location of the caller's device. Call tracking is not just limited to call tracing, i.e., recording the caller's location. It has extended to numerous parameters, including time distribution of incoming calls, recording the Call, recording geographic coordinates, the number, Caller Names and Addresses( if a database is available), Missed Calls, Call Summaries, Analysis of Call according to their frequency and details of unique and repeat calls.

The question is, how to track all these parameters of call tracking of a phone by another device? Well, there are several Apps for Android Supporting Mobile Phones! You can easily track calls as there are several Apps available. You don't know yet, which are the best Android Call, trackers.

Here is the list of the five best Android Call Tracking Apps!

1. mSpy

Developer: mSpy


  • GPS: Provide the location of the target device via the Global Positioning System.
  • Messages: Check messages from the target device
  • Phone calls: See all data of phone calls and track location from where it is calling
  • Contacts: Shows all contacts in the Phone book
  • Browser history and bookmarks
  • Applications
  • Notes and calendar activities
  • Photos: Swirl through the gallery and view all photos of the target device
  • Status of the phone revealed through settings

How to perform Android Call Tracking through mSpy?

You can easily track android Phone through three easy steps:


Create your mSpy account


Activate mSpy on the target phone


Track your phone securely


  • Extract Information: It can securely extract and store the monitored data from the target and Android phone to notify the target device.
  • Easy and Cheap: It is an easy to use and inexpensive monitoring App. It provides an ease to all users and doesn’t require any App In-Purchases.
  • Customer Service: mSpy team provides the best customer service overall forums. Whenever a user is facing any issue because of any reason, contact mSpy customer service, and they will fix the problem within a short duration of time.
  • Rating: It has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on the Android Google Play store, which refers to the fact that it is much better than the other Apps and is quite comfortable to use.
  • Features: Control Panel – mSpy is equipped with a lot of features other than call tracking. So, a user won’t disappoint after using it. 


  • Lagging: It may lag on some old Android versions. So, users with old Android versions may feel their phones are a bit slow.
  • No Unknown Number Detection: Control Panel – mSpy doesn't show unknown callers' names in the phone call logs, but still, it detects all unknown numbers.

2. True Caller ID & Dialer

Developer: True Software Scandinavia AB

True Caller is a useful App enabling users to identify unknown calls, block spam calls and spam SMS.


  • Call Identification
  • Detection of Unknown numbers: See names of unknown callers in History
  • Flash Messaging: Share location, emojis, and status with others
  • Block Spam and telemarketing calls
  • Detects every unknown SMS
  • Block Spam and telemarketing SMS
  • Block by name and number series


  • Google Duo Calling: True Caller ( Caller ID and Dialer ) has enhanced its features and added Video calling using Google Duo
  • Memory Usage: It requires significantly less memory of ROM and RAM. Now, your phone won’t lag.
  • Downloads and Popularity: It is a top-rated App among people. More than 100 million people downloaded this App, according to Google Statistics.
  • Rating: It is rated 4.5 out of 5, which indicates its good performance.


  • Annoying Notifications: This App sends a lot of Annoying notifications as it gets too hard. Users may feel frustrated. 
  • Not Free: This App is not free for users. It requires 1$ to 16$ per item purchase. 

Download link:

3. Mobile Number Call Tracker

Developer: Bhima Apps

It is a caller location tracker application. Now, be aware of the numbers calling you and see their location.


  • Detects Mobile Numbers calling using codes
  • Caller location
  • Mobile Number details


  • Works Offline: This App has the advantage that it can be operated even when an Internet connection is not available.
  • Caller Information on Screen: It displays all information about the caller on the screen when that number is called.


  • Only for India: This App works only for Indian Mobile numbers. Its directory is not enhanced to the worldwide level. This is a significant drawback of this App.
  • Rating: It is rated 3.7 out of 5 on the Android Google play store, which means that there might be a chance it is not that comfortable.

Download link:

4. Call Tracker

Developer: DanDolm

This App will show you call history from any phone you want to track.


  • Detect calls from the target device
  • Check Contact List
  • Check SMS, WhatsApp, Viber messages from the target phone
  • GPS Locator
  • Check all system logs like battery status etc.
  • Check whole call history


  • Small Downloading Size: This App is smaller in size, consisting of just 2.29MB size. 
  • Cheap: Call Tracker is quite an inexpensive App and doesn’t harm.
  • Low Battery Usage: This App doesn’t consume much of the battery.


  • Not Spy App: This is not a Spy App. So, it notifies the target device about monitoring.
  • Bugs and Crashes: This App is under Bugs' influence and gets crashed quite often after a recently updated version.

Download link:

5. Trace Mobile Number

Developer: Phone Tracker

If you are worried about unknown calls and their location, now install Trace Mobile Number to find from which state /telecom operator a mobile number belongs.

top 5 call tracker trace mobile number


  • Locate phone number area and state
  • Find address from map
  • Includes Videocon numbers, Landline Numbers, and Toll-free numbers
  • View Call log with operators information


  • No Internet Connection Required: Trace Mobile Number doesn’t require any internet connection and works offline as well. Some features require the internet.
  • Analysis of Call Logs: It provides a detailed analysis of the Calls made previously.


  • Mostly Valid for India: This App is good for India only because it stores almost all Indian phone numbers.

Download link:


In the end, Each App comes with its advantages and disadvantages, but it necessary to analyze the needs of a user and the App providing maximum features. We have listened to the features and pros and cons of each App, and now we trust our readers to weigh each App's features and make a wise decision. However, if you are looking for expert advice, we highly recommend using mSpy because of its excellent features and user-friendly interface.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Users should bear any consequences of improper use.

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