4 Easy Ways to Track Your Lost Android Phone

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Losing a cell phone is certainly considered one of the worst nightmares for one. It doesn’t matter if you have just lost it somewhere or if your device has been stolen. There are plenty of ways to track a lost phone. When it comes to Android phones, one can use an Android lost phone tracker to locate their smartphone. If you have also lost your phone, then don’t worry! Read this informative post and learn how to track a lost Android phone.

1. Locate Your Phone with Google’s Android Device Manager

Google’s Android Device Manager provides a reliable and fast way to track a lost Android phone. By simply using its interface, you can view the present location of your device. This will let you track it on a real-time basis. Besides tracking your phone, you can also use it to reset your device, lock it, or ring it remotely. Follow these steps to learn how to use this Android lost phone tracker.

  1. 1
    To start with, log in to Android Device Manager (Find My Phone) right here using your Google credentials. Make sure that you use the same Google account that is associated with your phone.
  2. 2
    As soon as you will log-in, you will get a list of all the devices linked to your Google account. Select the device you wish to track.
  3. 3
    This will provide the exact location of the device. You can further zoom in to get its precise location.
4-ways-to-track-lost-android-phone 2

Alternatively, you can also search for “Find my Phone” on Google. This will load the last active location of your device on an interactive map.

4-ways-to-track-lost-android-phone 3

This will let you track a lost phone if it is turned on. You can also change its lock or wipe its data remotely from here.

2. Locate Your Phone with Google Maps

If you think you have misplaced your phone or lost it somewhere, you can also take Google Maps' assistance to track it. To track a lost phone through Google Maps, you need to ensure that its location feature is turned on. Your device must be connected to the internet and your existing Google Account. Additionally, its location reporting setting should be turned on.

Therefore, you should always keep the location reporting on your device on and at a high frequency. Once it is done, you can use Google Map as an Android lost phone tracker in the following way:

  1. 1
    Go to Google Map location history timeline right here and log-in using the same Google account linked to your phone.
  2. 2
    Select the present date under the timeline section.
  3. 3
    This will provide the change in your whereabouts concerning the selected date. From here, you can identify the current location of your device.

3. Track Your Phone Using Third-Party Apps

While using Google’s Android Device Manager or Google Maps, the chances are that you might not get the precise location of your device. Furthermore, you would get your device’s location as long as it is turned on with these applications. Therefore, if you want to obtain a real-time location of your device effortlessly, consider taking the assistance of a third-party app. Out of all the Android lost phone tracker apps out there, we recommend using mSpy.


mSpy provides a hassle-free solution to monitor Android devices from its dedicated dashboard. The app is compatible with every leading iOS and Android version and can be used to track your device’s location. You can also use it to access other important data files like SMS, photos, browser history, and more. Here are some prominent features of this Android lost phone tracker:

  • You can start tracking your device with mSpy in three easy steps
  • Fully compatible with every major iOS and Android version
  • Responsive and easy to use web interface
  • It has a comprehensive dashboard with different features related to your device in one place
  • Real-time tracking of any Android or iOS device
  • Can also access browser data, messages, photos, notes, etc. on the device

To learn how to track a lost phone with mSpy, follow these steps:

  1. 1
    To start with, create your mSpy account right here and choose the desired subscription plan.
mspy signup step 1
  1. 2
    To complete the setup, provide the necessary information related to the device you need to track.
mspy signup step 2
  1. 3
    Now, to download the app on your phone, allow installation from unknown sources. To do this, go to Settings > Security and turn on the option of “Unknown Sources” to install apps from sources other than Google Play Store.
  2. 4
    Once it is done, visit mspy.com to download the app's APK file on your Android device.
  3. 5
    Afterward, launch the app and sign-in using your credentials. Also, grant all the important access to the app to track your device.
  4. 6
    After granting all the required access, tap on the “Start Monitoring” button to initiate the real-time monitoring of your device.
  5. 7
    Great! Once the setup is completed, you can log-in to the mSpy web interface and track your device. Go to its “Dashboard” to obtain relevant information related to the device and get its precise location as well.

4. Find Your Phone Using Its IMEI Number

IMEI, which stands for the International Mobile Equipment Identity Number, is a unique serial number given to every smartphone. You can use the number to track lost phones by following a simple process. Though, you need to know the IMEI number of your phone beforehand.

You can note the IMEI number from your phone's back or dial *#60# from your dial pad to obtain it. You can also visit your phone's Settings > About Phone > Status to obtain its IMEI number.

After obtaining it, you can assist any dedicated IMEI online search portal in tracking your phone. For instance, TrackMyIMEI, TrackIMEI, etc., can be used to track your phone. You can also call your service provider and obtain your device’s location by giving its IMEI number.


Now when you know how to track the lost phone in four different ways, you can easily resolve an unforeseen situation. Go with your preferred option and use the Android lost phone tracker of your choice. We recommend downloading mSpy, as it comes with plenty of added benefits. With it, you are sure to track your device on a real-time basis and prevent it from any loss or theft.

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